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A tough day!

Written on: Thursday August 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Thursday was a pretty difficult day, with lots of tears and feelings of homesickness (is that even a word?!). We started out with a ward round in the morning, which was interesting as there were a couple of new additions to the ward that we hadn't met before, as well as the regulars! The cutest kid on the ward is a young Aboriginal baby, that was born with severe hypotonia (floppy muscles), and so is very far behind in his development. Sadly, his 19 year old mother doesn't want to know, and keeps jetting off to Broome, and making excuses when it's time to come back, so the nursing staff are all doting on him and giving him extra attention to make up for her absence. When we'd finished the ward round, we all got him out of his cot for a cuddle, and a bit of a change of scenery. It's such a shame, as he's a lovely kid, but things like this happen all over the world and there's not a lot we can do. Hopefully, he's going to a foster family though, who will take good care of him, so fingers crossed for Gordon!

In the afternoon, I went for a well-needed haircut, to sort out my bird's nest mop, and then the rest of the afternoon was free to spend as I wished. I didn't really do very much, just sat around thinking about things and sorting a few things out, but it was a very long and boring afternoon.

The boys in the other house headed out to Broome in the afternoon, so Erin was left alone in house 4 for the night, and we planned to have dinner and drinks there to keep her company. She whipped up a delicious risotto, and we consumed far more wine than we should have, which led to a looming hangover for the next day. I didn't sleep well either, staying awake until long after 2am thinking about home! Not a good day overall, but every day that passes is another day closer to home, so that's always good - really looking forward to getting home now.