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More fishing!

Written on: Wednesday August 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

It seems that fishing is the thing to do around Derby, as we were offered another chance to go out fishing today, to another part of the Kimberley. Jumping at the chance to do something other than work (aren't I lazy!), we got ready and Angela dropped us off at Donny's house once again. I was also excited that today marked the beginning of August, which means we're coming home soon, and I can't wait to see everyone (one person in particular, and he knows who he is!) again! Very exciting stuff.

The trip out today took us a little further afield, to a place that I'm not quite sure of the name, but it was very beautiful. After cruising down a dirt track for about an hour, we turned off at an unmarked road, that once again left me wondering how Donny knew to go that way (I guess if he goes out there often then it's second nature). We then got to witness the real use of a 4x4 - none of this 'school run' rubbish, we were off-roading with the best of them! The road was throwing us from left to right, and the back wheels kicked out on more than one occasion, but it was all good fun! Once we got out of the bush, we were met by a road of dark, black rocks, eroded by water into various interesting shapes. We crossed to the other side, taking the car for a swim as we went, and then got out to be met by amazing scenery.

The water was fairly clear, and filled with tiny fish, that floated motionlessly in one place, before quickly dispersing when we dipped a toe into the river. Donny informed us that it was safe to swim, as there were no vicious crocs around the area, but I still chickened out, and stayed well clear of the water! Eric had brought along the didgeridoo, and the guitar, and was managing to play both at the same time, creating a nice sound that added to the atmosphere. As Duncan joined Donny in the search for bait, Sophie and I went for a wander in the surrounding area. I walked along a coarse sand beach, happily snapping away with my camera, before climbing up the black rocks to get some shots of the landscape up there. It was quite liberating to be walking in the middle of nowhere, with the sun glaring down, and my camera in hand, capturing every moment.

We didn't stay too long, as Donny had forgotten the net, so after an hour or so, we got back into the car and headed home. The pool was awaiting, so we spent the afternoon there before once again heading home for a night of doing nothing. The days are good here, as long as you keep busy, but I am finding that the evening is when I really get thinking, and start to miss home dreadfully. Not long now though, and the plan is to just keep occupied to pass the time. Everything will be ok!


From Dad on Aug 7th, 2007

I never knew you were missing me so much!!!!!!

From kimhardy on Aug 9th, 2007

What can I say Dad? You're a legend, haha!