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A lazy Derby weekend

Written on: Saturday July 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After the night before's drinking, I had a lie-in on Saturday morning, which was very gratefully received! I got up at around 9am, and pottered about a bit, before going back to bed for another hour when the hangover, mild as it was, kicked in. I had decided that a day at the pool was in order, so just before twelve, I got together all my stuff, and headed out to the pool. Soph was still dead to the world, so I left her in bed, figuring that she probably could use the rest.

As I walked to the pool, I passed a market that was just about to close up, but I still had time to nip in and have a little browse of the stalls. Some of the handmade goods on sale were really quite impressive, and I am a particular fan of the handmade soaps and candles here. I spent a good fifteen minutes testing all the different scents of soaps, before finally moving on to what I'd actually gone out for, and going to the pool.

I spotted a great place to lay my towel, and so I got myself comfortable, covered myself in suncream, and lay down with a good book, enjoying the glorious weather. The eagles were out in force, gliding overhead, and crying out occasionally, in competition with the crows as usual. I spent a good three hours down by the pool, before heading back to see what Sophie was up to. I must have just missed her, as I stopped in at the supermarket, because when I got back to the house, the theatre nurse that lives with us, Leanne, told me she'd gone to the pool. So, off I went, back the way I'd just come, and sure enough, ran into Sophie on her way back to the house, after discovering that I was no longer at the pool. I was pleased to see that she had some fresh fruit juice blends, straight from our favourite coffee place here (there are only two, to be fair), Diamonds and Pearls. We went back to the pool, and spent the rest of the day there, until it closed at 5pm.

Saturday night was pretty easy-going, and we just rented a DVD to watch, and relaxed in the living room until it was time for bed. The others in the house had also been down to Blockbuster's, so we had a bit of a marathon film session before finally going to bed at about midnight.

Sunday was yet another lazy day. The pool does not open on Sundays or Mondays, so that was out of the question, and we needed to find something else to entertain ourselves. We hadn't been down to the jetty during the daytime, so we figured that a walk down to that end of town might be a good way to pass the time.

It took us probably about half an hour to get out to the jetty once we got out of town. Derby was like a ghost town on Sunday, with nobody about, not even the usual Aboriginal crowd. A tumbleweed would not have looked out of place at all - it was just as though everyone had just upped and left on Saturday night. Even the birds weren't making that much noise, so the whole effect was very eerie, and we commented on it several times as we strolled down the street.

The jetty is out along a long stretch of road, that is increasingly monotonous the further you walk. All you can see in the distance is the road stretching out in front of you, with a border of electricity pylons leading the way. Surrounding the road, the mud flats reach out for miles, tormenting with their mirage of water that shimmers in the sunlight. It is convincing enough to make you believe that there actually is a beach out there, and you've just not managed to find it yet. No such luck though, as it's all just a trick of the eyes.

Once we reached the jetty, we finally saw life again. It was clearly the place to be, as the car park was pretty full, and people were lining the edge of the jetty with their fishing lines and bait boxes. The sun was bearing down on us, and we had one interfering, yet kindly, Australian lady give us a lecture on how she hoped we were wearing sunscreen. After convincing her that, yes, we were careful in the sun, and no, we didn't want to get burnt, we went on our way, walking further around the jetty. There was what could technically pass as a beach along one side, surrounded by large, black rocks, but what with the prospect of crocodiles, and the grittiness of the so-called 'sand', we decided to give it a miss.

By this point, hunger had kicked in, so we stopped at a restaurant on the far end of the jetty, called 'The Point'. The menu had some great options, and as usual I was struggling to choose. In the end, health-conscious as I am, I opted for a bowl of wedges and a huge icecream dessert. Nutritious, eh? It was good though, and the icecream definitely cooled me down, so all good in my opinion. If you can't enjoy yourself on holiday, then when can you?

Heading back, we were feeling the heat more and more, as the bright yellow globe of the sun rose further into the sky. When we got back, our skin was feeling hot, and we both figured it was best to just stay indoors, in the shade, and out of harm's way. I know from previous experiences how unpleasant it can be if you get burnt, so I was taking no chances. Anyway, we had nothing else to do, so the day passed slowly, but it was nice to sit and relax (I actually find it difficult to relax, but sitting around doing nothing constitutes relaxation apparently!) a little, ready for the week ahead.