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Day in Broome

Written on: Tuesday July 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Unexpectedly, we ended up having the whole day in Broome. The original plan was to head to Broome Visitor's Centre with Karen at 8am, to book tickets for the 10:30am bus, but when we got there we discovered that they were fully booked, so we had to book the Greyhound, which runs from Perth to Darwin, via Derby. That bus left at 7:30pm, so we had the rest of the day free, which was a pleasant surprise.

This is when Karen really came into her own. She went out of her way to make sure that we were ok, letting us keep our bags at her house, despite us only having paid for the one night. She even took us on a tour of Broome, saying that she thought it was only right, and that she would just hope that someone would do the same for her son. She was fantastic!

We went along a long, red dirt track (the red dirt in known as pindan) to the Broome Golf Club, which had a fantastic view of the whole town. We were shown Town Beach, which was beautiful, and quieter than Cable Beach, but apparently the place to be if you want to view the Staircase to the Moon (which, sadly we won't get to do). We then drove to a point where you could actually get onto Cable Beach in the car, and had a look around there, before heading back to have breakfast. Once again, Karen had excelled herself, preparing a giant fruit platter for us, as well as croissants, cereal and fruit juice. Amazing.

We went into one of the shopping areas to have a quick browse around, and buy some suncream, as I'd been slack and left it in my hand luggage, meaning that it was confiscated at Changi airport - what a genius. From there, we were dropped off at Cable Beach, for a wonderful afternoon of sunbathing. We got a 'sunlovers combo', which comprised an umbrella, and 2 sunloungers, as well as free sunscreen (available almost everywhere in Australia - it's a great system) and water. We spent a few hours chilling out in the sun, and had lunch at a nice restaurant down by the beach. I ate possibly the biggest burger I have ever seen, at about 3 inches high, and freshly prepared as well - it was delicious. We finished off with some Malteser cake, which I had to take a photo off, as it was beautifully presented, and really tasty!

Karen picked us up at 4pm, and we went back to her house for showers, and then she had made us dinner. We had curry with her and her husband, along with mini poppadums and chapatti wraps. When we had eaten to bursting point, it was time to leave for the bus station, so they dropped us off and told us to stay in contact (which we have).

The bus journey wasn't too long, but there was one man who snored incessantly the entire way. He was sitting right across the aisle from me, so there was no escape, and we were pretty glad to get off the bus. When we arrived in Derby, one of the hospital orderlies picked us up (he'd also been there the night before, thanks to a stupid mistake from me - oops!) and took us to our accommodation. We are staying in a small house, with a midwife and a theatre nurse. We all have our own rooms, and then a communal kitchen, living room, laundry room and 2 bathrooms. It's really pleasant, and easy to live here. To finish the night off, we went over to say hello to the other medical students in house 4 (we're in house 3), one of whom I knew from home - Duncan. We were pretty tired though, so went to bed soon after, ready for our first view of Derby in the daytime the next day.