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Journey to Oz

Written on: Monday July 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

We had an early flight on the Monday, getting picked up by the taxi at 5:30am, joy! The check-in was not open when we reached the airport, so we hung around until probably about half past six, before being one of the first to check in and getting decent seats. Changi Airport was pretty impressive - absolutely huge, but with little time, we didn't get much chance to look around.

We grabbed a coffee to kick us into action, and browsed the duty free shops before boarding. We were flying with Qantas, and for some reason, even though we had done several flights before this, I was extremely nervous about this particular flight. I felt very sick, and Sophie had to do her best to reassure me that nothing would go wrong, but I still had a bad feeling about it.

I was momentarily distracted by the fact that we could choose anything we wanted to watch on the televisions. There was a large selection of films to browse, as well as documentaries, comedy shows, and dramas such as one of my favourites - House. We sat back, and chose to watch 'Blades of Glory', which kept me occupied for quite some time, until the flight began to get a little bumpy, and then my hands were firmly gripping the handrails. Not pleasant.

Anyway, we made it to Perth safely, after a horrible, windy landing, which turned my stomach and had my hands and legs shaking. Going through customs was an interesting experience, as we had such a lot of stuff to declare, but the customs officer was very friendly, and didn't take much off us (I had some spices claimed, but nothing too drastic!).

We then had the task of getting over to the domestic terminal, which cost us an extortionate $8 (about 4 pounds), very annoying when all the Aussies got on for free. It wasn't discrimination though; they were all transferring to the same airline again, and the airlines had paid their fees. As we were changing to Virgin Blue, we had to cough up for the bus fare ourselves - scandalous!

Our flight was delayed by 45 minutes, so we occupied ourselves with food, and browsed the book shop before finally boarding, and taking to the sky once again, heading for the sunnier climate of Broome (yes, you've guessed it - it was raining in Perth!).

We were picked up from Broome airport, which is possibly the tiniest airport I have ever seen in my life, by Karen Brigden, the lady who runs the B&B we were staying at - Happy Tata's. She was lovely, and very bubbly, seeming to know most of the people in the airport and managing to chops away while we waited for our bags.

When we got to the B&B, we were both so relieved. It was gorgeous. Attached onto the back of Karen's house, we had our own little apartment, complete with kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. The bathroom was the most inviting place I'd ever seen, especially after the past month and a half of dingy, unclean (mostly) bathrooms! I even managed to have a bath - fantastic! We watched a DVD before going to bed, ready for the day ahead - very exciting!