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Singapore Changi Airport

Written on: Sunday July 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

It's twenty to seven in the morning here, and we're at Singapore Changi Airport, waiting for our flight on to Perth. We fly at 9:05am, and land in Perth at around 2pm, before getting a transfer to Broome and then staying the night there.

I am a little behind with entries at the moment, as you may have noticed, but this is due to only having short amounts of time in each place and not wanting to waste time sitting in an Internet cafe! I will be updating everything once we get to Australia.



From Mum on Jul 23rd, 2007

Good to hear everything's ok. Have a good flight. Love Mum xxxx

From Kate on Jul 24th, 2007

Your Facebook status updates suggest you're loving Oz - it always feels so incredibly civilised and rather a relief after rattling around Asia. Hope the flight was good, and looking forward to the updates. I'm jealous of you in Broome, I've never been there.

From Hubby2b on Jul 29th, 2007

Err did ya miss your flight?, you are supposed to be in OZ by now xxxxxxx