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Khao Sok National Park, Day 3, Monday

Written on: Monday July 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After a more comfortable night's sleep than expected, we were woken up at about half past 5, as the train was due to arrive at the station. I think I got around 5 hours sleep altogether, which wasn't too bad - I felt a bit grotty, but by now we're used to that feeling!

We left the train at Surat Thani, and stopped at a local cafe for breakfast, before jumping on a songthaew to head to the resort. A songthaew is like a van with a cover over the top and seats either side. Not the most comfortable of transport, but definitely not the worst we've sampled!! It was about a 2 hour journey to our hotel, and it had started raining so the roads were wet and spray was catching everyone at the back of the songthaew! The bad weather made for some great views though, as the mountains impressively rose out of the mist.

We arrived at the resort feeling very dirty, but nothing that a hot shower wouldn't fix. The rooms were raised cabins, complete with one double bed and one single (covered by mosquito nets, thank God!) and a hammock outside. The bathroom was pretty open, with just wire mesh around the top, so you could hear the sounds of the jungle as you showered - definitely an interesting experience!

It was still raining, so the activities for the afternoon were cancelled, which was a shame, but we decided to just make the best of it and get some lunch and a few drinks in the bar. I sampled one of the famous chocolate pancakes, which was actually just really salty, and not that pleasant at all! We also made short work of a couple of fruit shakes, which were very ornately decorated with various flowers!

About an hour later, the paths we had walked to get to the restaurant were replaced by a swiftly flowing river, as the banks of the main river burst, and the water barged it's way through the resort. There was a fairly tense half an hour as some of the cabins that were on the lower floor were close to flooding, and the hotel staff were splashing about trying to stem the flow somehow! It looked a bit hairy, but it wasn't too long before the rain slowed up a little, and the 'river' dropped enough to let them get on with their business! It didn't stop raining altogether though, so we were room-bound all afternoon.

The rain certainly brought the wildlife out, and the noise of the jungle was pretty loud - frogs making bizarre noises, crickets chirping away, and the occasional gibbon adding to the medley! We went to bed early in preparation for the next day, hoping that the weather would pick up!




From Mum on Jul 11th, 2007

What a shame about the rain, seems it's happening everywhere. Have you been put off chocolate then? Love Mum