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Movin' on!

Written on: Thursday July 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Typing this from Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport, after having gone through the whole rigorous process of checking in! To start off with, we had to have a body search, then all our bags security checked! Following that, we had to pay 24 quid tax just to depart the country - rip off! Ha! Then we finally got round to checking our main bags in, and filling out the embarkation card before being signed out of the country, and sent through to the lounge! What a hassle!

Said all our goodbyes this morning, and it was quite sad to be leaving! I was annoyed last night, as I discovered that the rolls weren't so nice the second time around - 3 times, bleurgh! So, I didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked with the kids, but we had bought them some Toblerone and Coca Cola as a treat, and they had a feast with that! Got some good pictures and videos as a reminder.

Luckily, I felt loads better this morning, and got all my packing finished on time - last minute or what? We had breakfast and then Dr Renu had to leave, so we headed out to get a taxi. The plan was to try and hail a taxi passing by, but we waited half an hour and saw none, so we begrudgingly got our bags and trekked down the road to find one. One of my hand luggage bags broke, so I was most unimpressed, and my back was killing - no idea how we're going to manage over the next 2 weeks! So much for packing light...oops! Oh well, we got here safely, and now we're just killing time before our next leg! Bangkok in a few hours - woohoo!




From hibby2b on Jul 6th, 2007

best not have broken my bag you xxxx