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Last day!

Written on: Thursday July 5th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Last night we discovered a fantastic restaurant that we're kicking ourselves for not going to sooner - K-too! Run by the same people who run Kilroy's, it's a specialist steakhouse that has a pub-type atmosphere.

We started by gorging ourselves on onion rings with BBQ sauce, after ordering two portions at the recommendation of the waiter who claimed that they were small portions - yeah, right! We still polished them off though, and eagerly awaited the mains! I had ordered a steak provencale, and when it came, I couldn't believe the size of the thing! At least an inch thick, and about 6 inches long - massive! In case you're wondering at this point about the cow situation (given that it's an imprisonable offence to kill a cow), I best tell you that it was actually a buffalo steak, or 'buff' as it is affectionately called here! Once I got over the fact that it was a buffalo (by convincing myself it wasn't any different to a cow - don't know why it mattered anyway!), the steak was really tasty, and the sauce was delicious! Sophie had a veggie burrito, which also looked pretty damn good!

After that, we made our way to the Buddha bar, but nobody else had arrived yet, so we managed to get a big table. The cocktails were super strong last night, and I only managed one! The music was good, but I was tired, and missing home so we left early at around half 10.

Today, we've been in to the hospital for our last morning. The traffic was a nightmare, and we were sat in a queue for the roundabout for about twenty minutes, hot and sweating. Lovely! We were too late to go the good morning session, so we headed straight down to the follow up clinic, where I took some last photos. Dr Renu decided she wanted to take us out for lunch, so we went to Bawarchi, a restaurant famous for it's rolls. I had a chicken kebab roll, which was lovely, but deep-fried so probably really unhealthy! Oh well!

Just heading back now to finish packing, then we're having dinner with the family tonight before leaving in the morning!


From Lv Dad xx on Jul 5th, 2007

Good to hear you've enjoyed? the stay in Nepal. Lets hope the phones work on the next part of the adventure!!!!

From Hubby2b on Jul 6th, 2007


From Mum on Jul 6th, 2007

That's the first leg over and i'm sure you've really enjoyed it, even the scary bits! Have a good flight to Bangkok. Lv. Mumxxx

From Julia on Jul 15th, 2007

You might regretting saying you hope the phones work....you know how good our daughter is at running up bills!!!!