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July 4th (I'm running out of 'witty' titles...)

Written on: Wednesday July 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Yesterday there were 3 mortalities on NICU - I don't think that the baby we saw being resuscitated yesterday was one of the children who died, but it's still very sad to think that, of the 8 children we saw yesterday, 3 no longer exist.

Today we had planned to go to surgery, and the doctor that I spoke to yesterday had seemed quite happy for us to attend. However, this morning, he decided that there might not be enough space in the operating theatres, as 2 other girls were also there. We did the ward round anyway, and went through to the theatre area, but were then turned away, frustratingly. We were annoyed, as the 2 other girls had already been in surgery, and are staying longer than us, so they could have volunteered to let us go in, but apparently not! We can't go tomorrow either, as there are no lists on a Thursday - what a pain! Never mind, it's not as if either of us have a burning ambition to be a surgeon!!

This afternoon we have been busy packing for our upheaval on Friday! It will be strange leaving and going to a completely new place, with new things to discover, but I'm really excited and looking forward to the trip! Bangkok is supposed to be amazing, so I'm sure we'll have a fantastic time there!!

Tonight, we're going out for a good old pub meal - 4 weeks of Nepali food is beginning to take it's toll, and we're both craving British food!! After that, it's back to the old faithful Buddha bar, for drinks with the other students, and then home ready for our last full day tomorrow!! How exciting!!





From Mum on Jul 4th, 2007

Please to hear you're looking forward to the next step. Have fun Lv. Mum xxx