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Relaxation Time!

Written on: Tuesday July 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

We've been eyeing up a certain treatment centre for a while now, and due
to rain (again!) giving us the perfect excuse to pop inside, we went to
sample the goods! There were so many treatments to choose from, including
facials, massages, body wraps - you name it! Both of us chose to have a
fruit facial, which sounded like it would be really relaxing! We were
taken into booths, and from there our therapists took over.

I don't know what they were using, but the things they were putting on my
face smelt absolutely great! It was easy to relax in that atmosphere, and
I felt myself drifting off, but I didn't actually go to sleep. The
treatment lasted for about an hour, during which time I had so many
different oils and massages - we even had foot massages and head massages
thrown in! I did have to stifle a giggle or two at one point, when my
entire face was covered in cucumber slices though - I couldn't help but
think how ridiculous I must look!! Anyway, we figured it was about time
we had the spa treatment that we deserved, and we were practically
floating when we left!



From shanni on Jul 3rd, 2007

Glad you had a nice time, cucumber face! xxx