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Written on: Tuesday July 3rd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Despite having had our fair share of temple-viewing during our time here, we thought yesterday would be the perfect time to go and see some more. As mentioned before, Patan is the third major city in the Kathmandu Valley, and supposedly has some nice sights, so we headed over there after hospital. The plan was to visit the zoo, and then head to Durbar Square (yes, there are 3 Durbar Squares!) to do a walking tour courtesy of the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Before making our way to Patan, we went to a big department store called BhatBhateni. We were hoping to pick up a copy of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom each to bring home, but the ones they had didn't have English subtitles so we didn't bother. Once finished in there, we hailed a taxi, and tried to explain that we wanted to go to Patan Zoo. This was, apparently, a very difficult thing to understand, and we ended up just getting dropped off at the other side of Patan! Despite being a little annoyed, there were some really nice side street shops in that area, and I managed to pick up some more goodies - excellent!

The rain started then, and guess who had forgotten their raincoats? We were both cursing the weather, while trying to walk as quickly as possible, ducking under shelter where possible. A friendly tuk tuk driver pointed us in the general direction of the zoo, and we managed to find a bus going the right way, so hopped on! 

Another problem was ahead though - we got there, only to find that for some inexplicable reason, the zoo was closed. We were disappointed, to say the least, and it was still raining so we hid in an internet cafe for a couple of hours to let it die down, which it didn't. We had to walk, in the rain, to find a taxi driver willing to take us back to Thamel for a reasonable price. This was a task and a half! Most wanted an absolutely ridiculous fee, and we sent them packing! Got back in the end though, and decided to hit the Buddha bar hard for our troubles! A couple of Screwdrivers later and we were two sheets to the wind, and carefree! Excellent! A good end to a bad day!





From Mum on Jul 3rd, 2007

A chip off the old block eh! Think i'd have resorted to that too. Lv Mum xxxxx