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The Last Resort? Quite!

Written on: Saturday June 30th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Well, what can I say? It's 9pm on Saturday night, and I'm sat in an internet cafe in Kathmandu, not the 'spa' that we were promised. Long story...

Got up early this morning, after having packed last night, and quickly got ready for the taxi's arrival at 5am. We were both really tired, but looking forward to the day. The taxi got us to Thamel for about quarter past 5, so we had half an hour to wait around for the bus, during which time plenty of other travellers rocked up to wait as well. We began to feel just a little bit unadventurous as it seemed that the majority of people were heading up to The Last Resort to brave the bungee jump, but we were still looking forward to things!

The bus ride was a fairly easy 3 and a half hours, with lovely scenery again - high mountains, with cut away sides and waterfalls running over the edges. We chased the river again, and watched small villages pass by. Upon arrival, we got out of the bus to be faced with a swaying metal bridge that it was necessary to cross to get to the resort. As we crossed the bridge, everyone realised that this was where the bungee jump would take place - the look on peoples' faces was priceless! A 160m drop is not something to be taken lightly - it's the 2nd highest jump in the world apparently, second only to somewhere in South Africa!

Now this is where things started to go wrong. We got over to the other side, and were all herded to the bar, where we were left waiting around for what seemed like at least an hour. Then, when we felt we couldn't wait any longer, we were told that the briefing would begin for those doing the jump. Fair enough, we thought, perhaps we can head off to our tents? No such luck - the tents either weren't vacated, or weren't cleaned, so we were stuck in the bar. After watching the ritual of weighing people for the jump, we still weren't allowed to our tents, so, carrying our luggage, we headed down to the bungee viewing area to check out those braver than us!

Watching the jumps was fairly interesting, but it took an awfully long time in between jumps to set up the next, and it quickly became tedious. Plus, nobody was entertaining us by screaming the whole way down - how boring! ;)

We headed back up to the bar, where we were told that the tents were ready. Now I'm not a camper at the best of times (as Martyn well knows after trying to convince me on several occasions!) so I wasn't anticipating anything pleasant! The tent was ok, with one double bed and one single, but our light didn't work, and despite promises that he would return with a new bulb, the barman disappeared and didn't bother coming back. Another black mark.

Lunch was planned for 1 o clock, so we chilled out for a bit, reading and checking out the area, before heading up for a buffet lunch, which turned out to be pasta, potatoes, vegetables and meat (buffalo meat in case you were wondering, and I did actually try some for once). Not too bad.

The plan then was to hit the sauna, plunge pool and then have a massage. The first task was finding the sauna. Signs directed us down to a run-down shack, which we were loathe to believe could actually pass for anything other than a storage area, but according to the guide, this was indeed the sauna. Lovely. The plunge pool was as unpleasant, only half full with leaves floating all over the surface. We didn't bother with either, and decided that the only redeeming factor might be to get a massage. Another hurdle! Despite having been told in the ticket office in Kathmandu that everything would be available to book at the resort, we were informed that we should have booked the massage in Kathmandu so that they could send somebody over who could actually do it! So yet another problem.

Seriously unimpressed, we decided we wanted to come home, at which point the manager tried his best to persuade us to stay, saying he could arrange for a massage during the morning. Given that we were due to get the bus at 11, we told him it was impossible and we just wanted to leave. I then wanted to use the phone service that was advertised, to phone home as I was seriously fed up. Guess what? Another no go. Phone not working. Bloody marvellous.

We hung around for 2 or 3 hours waiting for a bus, and jumped at the chance when the first one arrived. Another 3 hours later, and here we are back in Kathmandu, tired and thoroughly p*ssed off. Great!



From Mum on Jul 2nd, 2007

Oh dear, what a disaster. Never mind there will be other things to look forward to i'm sure. Lv Mum xxxx

From liz on Jul 2nd, 2007

My god! what a nightmare. THings can only get better though surely. and it could be worse. you could be at a run down old spa in selby. lol chin up matey! xx

From Tracy on Jul 2nd, 2007

Oh nose the spa day didn't quite go as planned then! I say find somewhere to buy some oils and give each other a massage, you deserve it after that trek! Give Martyn something nice to think about as well haha :P