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Durbar Square

Written on: Thursday June 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

On Thursday, we decided to visit the famous Durbar Square, as we'd not managed to get there yet, and some of the postcards with pictures from there look quite nice! We walked there from Thamel, which took around 30 minutes, possibly more as the streets were heaving! It was good weather though - we'd just missed the rain while having a drink, so we were lucky!

When we got there, we casually walked in, completely oblivious to the ticket booth that we had passed, until a guard chased us and asked for our ticket. Cue much embarrassment, and a hastily paid fee to get us in! Oops!

Durbar Square is made up of 3 different areas, and we visited them all in turn. One square was full of street vendors with their goods laid out on the floor - it's impossible to walk by without somebody shouting you over as "Looking is free, miss!". The main square was full of ornate temples, and the house of the Kumari - the living goddess in the Hindu religion. The Kumari is a young girl that has to undergo a series of tests to ensure that she is the true goddess. Once she reaches puberty, a search begins for a new Kumari! 

We wandered around each square for a couple of hours, then ended up walking all the way back to Thamel, where we hitched a taxi home. All in all, a pretty good day!