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Feeling better!

Written on: Friday June 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Finally feeling much better, and have managed to get into the hospital the last couple of days! Despite the smells being as bad as they were at the start now, I'm enjoying being back there!

Last night we didn't get much sleep, due to a combination of being too hot, the rain being loud, not being able to get comfortable in any position, and the bloody dog eeriely howling at some unseen 'enemy'. Very frustrating, and we both woke up this morning in pretty foul moods, and absolutely shattered!! 

Today is a special day in Nepal, to do with harvesting or planting of the rice - I'm not sure which one, as both were mentioned!! We had to have beaten rice and yoghurt for breakfast, along with the rest of Nepal apparently. Beaten rice isn't my favourite food here, and in fact I could liken it to eating cardboard, but at least I'm eating again! Far preferable to dry crackers!!

The hospital is pretty busy at the moment, with lots of new cases since I was last there! Twins were admitted to the malnutrition ward on Wednesday, with cholera, so Dr Renu was most unimpressed that they would risk infecting the other children in the bay. Sadly, one of the twins died, or 'expired' as it is tactfully put here, last night. The mood on the malnutrition ward was far less jovial than usual, as the mothers are normally in quite good spirits, but understandably they were all more subdued today.  Other than this, there weren't too many 'interesting' cases - mostly the usual gastritis and pneumonia! We are considering going into surgery next week, to see what it's like here!

This afternoon, we are meeting Isla  (a medical student from NZ) as she is leaving on Sunday, so the plan is to catch a Hindi film at the Kumari cinema in Lazimpat! We've been told it is subtitled, and absolutely hilarious, so looking forward to that! 

In the morning, we head out to The Last Resort for some serious relaxation, which is well deserved, but it's yet another early start - the bus leaves at 5:45am! Best get an early night tonight then!



From Mum on Jun 29th, 2007

Make sure you both enjoy it. You are both doing so well. lOts of love Mum xxx