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Toilet Humour

Written on: Monday June 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

I am finding it mildly amusing that when we go out, we are planning where we can go on the state of their toilets. For example, Roadhouse Cafe - good, Kanti hospital - bad. I don't think I would ever get used to the different standards of hygiene here. It is this that is keeping me away from the hospital at the moment, as I'm still ill, and the thought of having to use the toilets in Kanti isn't helping the matter.

My stomach cramps have progressed to serious griping pains, keeping me up from 4am this morning, and making me unable to stay still when they come on. I've taken some digestive enzymes at the recommendation of Dr Renu, but to no effect so far. This has lasted a week now, and I've not been into the hospital since last Tuesday. I am seriously unimpressed, as I'm spending my days off sitting around killing time. Poor Sophie is having to go in on her own, particularly this morning as Dr Renu had a family thing to attend and so went earlier.

Yesterday was eventful, as we both had the day off - me for illness, and Sophie needed a lie-in after all the early starts at the weekend - so we went down to Thamel to get out of the house a bit. Decided to try some food in the Third Eye restaurant, which was ok, but brought on stomach pains again - great! We got a taxi back, but ended up wishing we hadn't due to the commotion it caused. Basically, the taxi drivers here prefer to haggle a price rather than running the meter, which usually works out fine. However, this particular guy was a little difficult. To begin with, he asked us how much we wanted to pay. Well, judging on the taxi price there (120 r/s), we suggested 200r/s, thinking this was generous! He didn't agree, and forced 250, which we agreed to. When we got closer to Dhapasi, the road was blocked so he had to take a longer way around. Now had the meter been running, we would have had no choice but to pay this, but given that we'd agreed a price (that was steep anyway!) we thought we should still pay that. Again, he disagreed and demanded 500r/s!! We argued that since he had set the price at 250, then we would pay 250. He then tried to persuade us to pay 350, which is ridiculous when you consider that it costs 350 to get a taxi to Bhaktapur, 20km from here. We stood our ground and gave him the 250 and got out of the taxi. He had a strop, gave us the money back and drove off. 'Great', we thought, 'free taxi ride!'. Not so fast though... We walked up to the drive, and went into the house. Next thing we know, there's a banging on the gate - you guessed it, the taxi had waited and watched where we went, following us to demand the money!! Luckily, the old man who lives with Dr Renu, Krishna, was around to lend a hand, and after we explained, he told the taxi driver that we would give him the 250 rupees. It didn't end there though - the guy then tried to convince Krishna that we had agreed to 350 when we first got in the taxi, and by this point I ended up losing my temper a little and told him he was a liar, and to take the 250, or take nothing. Oops. He eventually skulked away, mouthing off in Nepalese, but I couldn't help thinking he wasted far more time and money arguing!!

So, all good fun here at the moment as you can see.... We are considering heading to The Last Resort at the weekend, for a spa relaxation day. I think we deserve it after all that hassle! ;)




From Tracy & Simon on Jun 26th, 2007

I think you should head to that spa right now! So sorry to hear you're not well and had weird taxi drivers to contend with too :( I guess blatant LYING is the norm for them over there?! Keep smiling hun you're being thought of lots by us :) xxx

From Martyn on Jun 26th, 2007

Thats my girl hehe xxxx

From Kim on Jun 27th, 2007

Yeah, a couple of the taxi drivers are really bad for it! Thinking about everyone back home too - you are all cheering me up by leaving comments so keep it up! :) xxxx