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Chitwan Day 3 - Saturday afternoon

Written on: Sunday June 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Saturday afternoon was the most fun I've had while being here! We all headed down to the river to take part in elephant bathing, which I was thoroughly looking forward to! To begin with, there was one sole elephant already in the water, so Lauren and Wolfgang waded in to help wash it. Not long after, a couple more arrived, and the keepers encouraged them to sit down so that Sophie and I could clamber aboard! No box this time, we were bareback, and clutching on to a single rope around the elephant's neck as it ambled down to the riverside. Once in the water, the keeper instructed it to lie down, and it gently knelt down with us still astride. We had been warned that they usually roll over, so to be ready to jump off, but at the keeper's instruction it was very careful not to! However, it soon became apparent why the keeper had told it to do this - he found it hilarious to shout the command for the elephant to suck water up through it's trunk and spray us at full force! Absolutely hilarious! All the others were still only knee high in the river with the other elephants, but we got fully drenched!! After showering us a couple of times, the elephant began to roll over, so we jumped off, and got a shock at the strength of the current! Swimming back to the guide, we got onto the elephant's back again, and began to wash it down. This was absolutely amazing - the elephants were so good with everyone, and completely obedient to the keepers' commands. It's hard to describe how impressive this experience was, but needless to say it won't be something I ever forget! :)

Later that afternoon, we walked into town where I made several purchases - some gifts, but mostly selfish souvenirs for myself haha! I wanted to be able to bring some things back from Nepal, and I was really pleased with what I bought - all for the bargainous price of 7 pounds, so you don't need to worry Dad! ;)

The next activity on the agenda for elephant day was a visit to the elephant breeding centre. The weather was increasingly hot, despite the earlier showers. We drove there in the jeep, but then to my dismay, we had to cross a river in another canoe! The words not, and impressed spring to mind. To be fair, it was only a 2 minute ride, but I didn't feel any more comfortable than the day before!

At the breeding centre, there were loads of elephants, from the very young to the very old. The youngest elephants were roaming free (behind a fence anyway), and very bold, coming up to the fence and prodding us with their trunks, checking for tasty treats that we might be concealing. The disgust on their faces when their searches were fruitless was hilarious! While we were there, the wild elephant made an appearance, so that was another animal to add to our list of things we'd seen. We had a brief look around the museum there, and then headed back to the lodge, tired but very happy!

Our time at the park had come to an end, as we left at half past 9 on Sunday morning, but we'd all had an absolutely fantastic time and would definitely do it again given the chance!! AMAZING!!



From Mum on Jun 24th, 2007

You seem to be having a fantastic time....and you've got your 'hol' to look forward to yet!!! Enjoy it all. love mum xxx

From Loraine on Jun 25th, 2007

Can't believe you're doing this Kim, up at 5am! It all sounds worth it. Enjoy yourself. Love Loraine, Paul & Ang xxx

From Rebecca-Claire on Jun 25th, 2007

Great to catch up with your blog. Hope you are feeling a bit better soon, and echo Cessie's advice a few pages back about fruit and veg! Lots of love xxx