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Chitwan Day 2 - Friday afternoon

Written on: Sunday June 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

This afternoon we were originally supposed to be going on an elephant safari, but Christian and the 2 German guys skillfully manipulated us into going on a jeep safari instead! This was achieved by telling Sophie, Amanda, and Lauren and Ben all separately that it was an all or nothing thing, and everyone had already said yes, so it was on their head whether we went or not! Shocking behaviour! We had to pay 1200 rupees for the pleasure as well! However, that said, once we went out it was worth it, so we didn't mind too much!

We set off at around 2:30pm, and headed to 20,000 lake, so called for the money paid to purchase the land. We stood up in the jeep to scour the landscape for wild animals, but aside from a couple of deer, and a distant rhino, we didn't see very much. It was a real balancing act to keep standing in the jeep while the driver weaved around the many potholes - Sophie has the bruises to prove it!

From the lake, we headed out to a crocodile breeding project. We saw a variety of crocs, from about 1 or 2 years old up to fully grown adults! They didn't do very much though, just lazed around in the sun looking menacing! At the same place, we went further into the jungle to see an orphaned tiger that was being kept in a cage. Quite a sad story behind it - the tiger's mother killed 4 people in 66 days, and the cubs had also tasted human blood, so they had to be captured (apparently once a tiger gets the taste for humans, they aren't interested in other prey as we're 'easier'). Unfortunately, 2 of the cubs died before they could be caught, and the remaining tigress was finally captured by an old woman while chasing a village goat! They decided to cage it, for fear of it killing  people, and they now can't release it in case the consequences are bad.