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Chitwan Day 1 - Thursday evening

Written on: Sunday June 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Once the heat died down a little, at around 5ish, we went out for a jungle walk! That said, we were still all sweating within about 5 minutes! We headed out in the jeep first of all, to a cultural museum about the Tharu people, the original inhabitants of the Chitwan area. It was interesting, but we found it a little bit too hot inside, so only looked round very quickly!

Following this, we had a little briefing on the area's history, but I have to confess that I shut off after about 2 minutes because it was too hot to concentrate! Never mind! We headed over to the jungle area, saw some elephants and then made our way into the jungle. This was only a small part, so we didn't see very much, but we were warned by some locals to keep our eyes out for tigers - very reassuring!! We walked for about an hour, before reaching the river at around 6pm, and settling down to watch the sunset, which was beautiful.

After dinner, we were taken over to a hall where some Tharu cultural dancing was being shown. This was great fun, and the dancers were fantastic! To top the night off, they got people up on the stage, and most of us went up to dance with them! It was an adrenaline rush, as it wasn't something I would normally do at all, given that the entire audience were still there and we didn't know any of the dances! However, the professionals were very good, and helped us out with our steps, so it was really good fun!

We got a shock when we headed back to our room to discover a massive spider in the bathroom. Exaggerating aside, it must have been about 10cm big! I kept an eye on that beast while having a shower (and yes, the water was hot - fantastico!). The lodges that we stayed in were made from bamboo, and we were pleased to have a fan inside as the heat would have been ridiculous otherwise. I can only imagine what the weather must be like in India right now, as we were pretty close to the border and it was stinking hot!! We went to bed fairly early, after dousing ourselves in insect repellant to ward off hungry mozzies! A good start to the weekend!




From Trace on Jun 25th, 2007

Hello! Thanks for the e-mail I will reply shortly! Me and Si spend our lunch breaks reading through your postings, keep them coming! Si just said that if it were me, this trip would kill me - all the travelling aside, a 10cm spider?! He's right I couldn't cope heehee. See you soon :)

From Si on Jun 25th, 2007

P.s. Kim, how on earth do you find computers in the jungle woman?! You must be able to sniff them a mile off! (Not started FF12 yet, am afraid it may suck away my remaining free time!) :)

From Kim on Jun 26th, 2007

Hey guys, thanks for the comments! Yes, the spider was not very pleasant, and we couldn't get rid of it, so just had to sleep with one eye open...urgh! The computers were in a village nearby, but far more expensive at a pound an hour haha! xx