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Journey to Chitwan

Written on: Friday June 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Managed to find a computer in some free time, so thought I may as well write an entry ;)

Yesterday, we got up at quarter past 5 to get ready for the long day ahead. I wasn't too tired, and we'd already packed the night before so it was a quick start and the taxi arrived at 6 as planned. We headed over to Thamel, to the Kantipat where we had been told the buses would be waiting. It's amazing how many Nepali people are awake at this time in a morning, but the tradition here seems to be early to bed, early to rise! At Kantipat, we met the others in our group - 8 of us altogether. Besides Sophie and me, there were 3 other students from Newcastle (Ben, Lauren and Christian), one girl in her first year of med school from Colorado (Amanda), and 2 German guys (Stefan and Wolfgang).

The bus was a tourist coach, so fairly comfy, and with the windows open it was not too hot (in Kathmandu anyway, in Terai it was a whole other story!). We actually set off at 7am, and managed to leave Kathmandu without many hitches - we had been warned that with bad traffic it would take a good couple of hours to get out of the city, but we were very lucky as traffic wasn't too bad.

The scenery on the way to Chitwan was stunning, and we could see for miles. The roads were as long and windy as expected, but the bus driver wasn't as crazy as the taxi driver to Nagarkot (thankfully!). We were managing to keep cool with the breeze coming through the window, but we made a toilet stop at a small village and that was when the heat really hit. The air was totally still, so the heat was constant and unrelenting! We managed to get ourselves some food and some water, but unfortunately (and we only discovered this later) Ben had his camera stolen from the bus while we were there. I was quite relieved I'd taken all my valuables with me!!

Altogether it took around 5 and a half hours to reach Sauraha (the area where Chitwan is situated), but it wasn't too bad. The views made for a good distraction and I pretty much listened to my iPod the whole way as Soph managed to catch up on some sleep!

When we got to the area, we were met by staff from Hotel Jungle Lodge, and taken to the hotel in jeeps! At the hotel, we were greeted with a tika (the red powder on the forehead for good luck) and a fresh flower. Very nice! They also supplied us with a well needed Coca Cola!! We had our lunch at around 12, and were then free for 2 and a half hours, as the heat was too much to go out walking, so we waited until 5pm....


From Mum on Jun 22nd, 2007

Hope you got rid of the unpleasant bug! Pleased you didn't leave anything on the bus, poor Ben. Love Mum xxx

From Kim on Jun 26th, 2007

No, the bug is still clinging on. Annoyingly. xx