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Written on: Wednesday June 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Hmm, so it seems I am yet another statistic to add to the 8 out of 10 people who get sickness and diarrhoea while travelling in Nepal. Can't work out what has caused it, but Soph also has a bit of a dodgy tum - how lovely for both of us! Trying to 'starve' out the bug today, just having water and rehydration sachets, as I'll be absolutely gutted if I'm ill over the weekend at the National Park!

 We leave tomorrow morning at 6:30am, and it's a 5 hour bus ride - joy! However, I can't complain, as the pictures I've seen so far suggest that it will be well worth the wait! We have booked to stay in Hotel Jungle Lodge for 3 nights, to leave for Kathmandu again on Sunday morning. It cost $75 for this time period, and included in that we get:

- a visit to the elephant breeding centre

- an elephant-back safari

- a canoe ride down the river

- a 'jungle walk'

- a bird-watching tour

and some other stuff that I can't quite remember!

One of the main attractions though - the lodge supposedly has HOT showers!! What a novelty! We've been braving the cold water up until now, as the heating in our little flat is faulty and they can't fix it!! Fingers crossed that it's not just false advertising!! Of course, this isn't the only reason we're going (have you read the above?!), but it will be a nice treat!

Won't be online now until Monday, when I'm sure I'll have lots to report!!


From Mum on Jun 20th, 2007

Hope your tum improves and you can enjoy your visit. Love Mum xxx

From shanni on Jun 20th, 2007

I'm jealous. :)

From shanni again on Jun 20th, 2007

Um, can I just clarify that it's your trip that I'm jealous of, not any stomach upsets! Hope you feel better soon. xx

From Loraine on Jun 20th, 2007

Can't work out what caused it? Sounds like you've tried everything to eat! Enjoy your trip, dont forget some photos. Love Paul, Loraine & Ang xxx

From Louise on Jun 21st, 2007

have a fab time hope you both are feeling better. lots of photos and tell Sophie too as well. Sophies Auntie x

From Cesca on Jun 21st, 2007

The key is not to eat any fruit (that is already peeled), veg or salad when you're in places like this, because it's been washed in their water. I know you're healthy but I'd stick to rice, bread, pasta type food for your trip. You'll sweat those calories out!! Have a good time at the park xxx