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Walking, walking, and more walking!

Written on: Tuesday June 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Yesterday (Monday) we went in to the hospital, and it was admission day at the outpatient clinic, so very busy! The clinic started at around 10:30pm, and we were there until 1pm. 319 patients walked through the door and got a ticket, so to get through that many in just under 3 hours was pretty impressive but hectic! We saw plenty of interesting cases though, mixed in with the usual diarrhoea, vomiting, and chest infection!

Later that day, we walked back to the house, and after doing a spot of handwashing, we made our way up to the roof terrace for some serious sunbathing! The sun was so hot, the clothes dried within the hour!! We had arranged to go back to the hospital for 6:30pm, so at around half past 5, we set off on the 45 minute walk to Kanti. 

On the way, the inevitable happened - there was a motorbike accident. We'd been wondering why there weren't more accidents, given that the drivers here simply do as they please, so we weren't that surprised to see this happen. Luckily, the driver was not badly hurt, and got up straight away, but the tailbacks caused by the accident weren't to be laughed at!! 

We were supposed to be meeting Dr Renu at 6:30pm in the observation unit, but 7pm came and no sign of her. We were planning to get the bus home, but the traffic was still at a standstill and it was obvious that walking would get us home quicker!! By the time we got back, at around 7:45pm, we were starving, and well ready for dinner!! That day in total, we had walked for 2 hours in the baking heat - we felt rough as anything, but the food perked us up as usual (green pumpkin with rice, and chickpea curry soup). Lovely! 




From Martyn on Jun 24th, 2007

Yuk, Yorkshire puds and gravy baby hehe xxxxx

From Kim on Jun 26th, 2007

Now that's just teasing! What I wouldn't give for some Yorkshire puddings right now... Might settle my tum! xx