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Garden of Dreams

Written on: Monday June 18th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Yesterday (Sunday) we had to go into the hospital in the morning. The Nepali people work as hard as they can to earn money, often having more than one job, so they only take Saturdays off! It was a short day though, finishing at 12 noon, so we decided to walk into Thamel.

The walk to Thamel takes roughly 40 minutes from the hospital, but it's not so bad if it's nice weather. Yesterday was hot, so we struggled a bit, but we were well stocked up with water!! When we got there, we decided to have some lunch, and stopped at Kilroy's - an Irish-owned restaurant. The food was nice, and we sat out on the terrace in the sun to eat!

The plan was to head for the Garden of Dreams, a small 'park' just outside Thamel. We made our way there at about 3:30pm (after stopping in at a cyber cafe) and paid the 160 r/s entrance fee. Once inside, it was like we had stepped into another world! The gardens were very well kept, with temples, statues, ponds and places to sit everywhere. The atmosphere radiated calmness, and relaxation - a far cry from the congestion on the streets! We stayed in the garden for quite a while, sunbathing and wandering aimlessly around, taking pictures along the way!

When it got to about half past 4, we decided it would be a good idea to head back, but instead of taking a taxi, we chanced the walk. Bearing in mind that we knew it was 40 minutes back to the hospital and then another 35-45 from Kanti to the house, this was no easy task! However, with the pleasant weather, we didn't mind!

On the way back, we saw something rather bizarre! Lots of people were walking down the middle of the road, chanting, and following what appeared to be a body wrapped in orange material. When we later asked Dr Renu, it turned out that this is quite common here, and we had witnessed a funeral procession!

We got home at around 6pm, after a steady 90 minute walk, and then sat out in the garden drinking ginger tea for a couple of hours - easy life eh?! The weather was great yesterday, with no rain in sight! Fantastic!

That night we had a change in diet - puffed rice, instead of pilau or boiled. It was a bit like rice krispies, but not so bad! :) We watched the Iifa awards on TV, which were filmed in Yorkshire (Martyn will remember - when we were at Xscape that time?) so that was a nice reminder of home, although the one that was broadcast was filmed in Sheffield, not Castleford. Shame!



From Mum on Jun 18th, 2007

You'll be fit by the time you get back with all the walking you're doing. Think you are both brave getting out there and experiencing all these things. Lv Mum xxx