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Written on: Sunday June 17th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

After our day in Nagarkot, we took a taxi down to Bhaktapur, one of the 3 main cities in the Kathmandu Valley (the others are Kathmandu and Patan). Upon arrival, we had to pay 750 r/s to enter the city, which works out at about 5 pounds. The first thing we noticed was the fact that you could not walk a few feet without being approached by a local 'guide', begging to show you around, and claiming that your guide book was inadequate and you would miss all the sights etc. It took us a long time to get rid of them, as they seemingly do not take no for an answer! Very frustrating!

Once we got to the main gate of the city, the story was the same, but we dismissed all the guides in favour of doing our own walking tour, courtesy of The Lonely Planet guidebook of Nepal! We started out in Durbar Square, and made our way around the route, getting lost several times along the way, but it was all good fun.

There are lots of temples in Bhaktapur, and although we found a lot of them, there are still a few that were missed I suspect!! Several of the temples were hidden away, through little passages, but the guidebook was quite good and so we managed quite well!

We spent most of the day in Bhaktapur, wandering the cobbled streets, as it was far more relaxed than Kathmandu, with less traffic and mayhem!  We managed to pick up some Ginger Tea, which is our favourite for on a morning! At 100 r/s a packet, it seemed rude not to!

We braved the bus back to Kathmandu, but only after arguing with a taxi driver that we did not want to take a taxi. It is very hard to stay calm with these people, when they literally will not leave you alone. The bus wasn't too bad, it was a little crowded, but we had a seat right from Bhaktapur, so can't complain! It was an interesting journey however, as we saw a bus that had come off the road at one point that none of the locals batted an eyelid at, but we were quite shocked! Following that, we saw a monkey sitting at the side of the road, which again was great for us, but nobody else seemed bothered! Probably the norm! :)

When we got back to Kathmandu, we were dropped off in Bagh Bazar, nowhere near the Bhasundara (vegetable market) that we had asked to go to! So we ended up taking a taxi after all!!

That night, we met Dylan who is a final year student from New Zealand, also staying with Dr Renu. He seems very keen, and studies hard, so we might have to put a bit more work in now! Ha! We were also 'treated' to Indian Idol on the TV, which was hilariously entertaining! Pretty tired today, but have been in to the hospital, as everyone here works on Sundays! Will try and post another entry some time tomorrow, if there's anything interesting to report of course! 




From Mum on Jun 17th, 2007

Pleased the sleeping bags are coming in useful, getting up at 6 to sew was worthwhile after all!!! Love Mum x