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14th June!

Written on: Thursday June 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

The rain came today. We walked into Thamel from the hospital when we finished at 12, which took us about an hour - longer than we had expected, but the weather was nice (I'll explain about the rain later!) and so it passed quickly. Thamel was busier than on a night, which was to be expected, and we got disorientated again - things look different in the daylight! However, we managed to find our way around, bought some postcards (don't expect them anytime soon!) and a Lonely Planet guide to Nepal. By the time we'd done what we wanted to do, we were feeling a bit peckish, so started the task of finding somewhere 'safe' to eat! A lot of the restaurants looked a little bit offputting, so we kept searching until finally we came across "The Roadhouse Cafe", which looked nice so we headed inside.

The menu was varied, and we had a lot to choose from, but I eventually settled for a Cajun chicken pitta sandwich, while Soph plumped for a grilled vegetable pizza, which I stole a piece of (naughty, naughty) and it was very tasty!

Heading back home was an interesting journey, as to begin with, a young child off the street reached in through the window while we were stationary and began to prod me for money! I moved my bag out of his reach, but he must have had eyes like a hawk, as he spotted my white coat and stethoscope, and began to cry "Doctor! Doctor" incessantly! When we escaped him, it became apparent that the taxi driver did not have a clue where Dhapasi Height was, despite us telling him several times and him nodding and smiling!! We took a strange route home, stopping many times along the way to ask directions and finally made it back safely!

I was feeling a little bit homesick, so I did some work (*gasp*!) to take my mind off things. Seen as there is an awful lot of meningitis here, I briefly recapped the main causes and investigations, but I got bored very quickly!! Decided to try to do some washing, but the sink wouldn't fill up properly, so those of you who laughed at me for taking a rubber plug - I have the last laugh because I needed it haha! Thanks go to Shannon for the recommendation there! ;)

After all this excitement (!) we headed down to the main house for dinner, which was amazing! In fact, it was so nice, I had to steal the recipe! We had pilau rice, with a vegetable that apparently has no English name, and then my favourite - Tomato pickle!! I could have eaten so much, but I felt guilty as there wasn't that much to go around! I will be posting the recipes, but I don't have them with me today, so check back in the future :) (Helly!)



From Mum on Jun 27th, 2007

I'm shocked Kim. Recipes? what are they!!!