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Written on: Thursday June 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

I have just noticed that the map is showing that I am in various different areas of Nepal! I'm not. The map does not zoom in far enough to select Kathmandu, so each time I am randomly clicking Nepal and it seems I can't hit the same spot twice!! Haha!


From Mum on Jun 14th, 2007

Hi Kim, this is great, i'm really enjoying reading these, even tho i should be working. xxxxx

From Bryan Rite on Jun 14th, 2007

Ha ha, sorry about that, not much I can do... actually I just checked and if you enter "Kathmandu" in the search bar when you're adding the map spot, it will find Kathmandu, Nepal for you. Hope this helps! (also, the little slider bar on the left of the map will zoom in and out for you)