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Written on: Tuesday June 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

Just had to write an entry about this as Soph and I have found much hilarity in the fact that cows appear to rule Kathmandu! The roads are mental and nobody stops for anyone else, but the cows sit in the middle of the road and refuse to move - the Nepalese are powerless to stop them and so the cow gets it's own way and diverts traffic! Brilliant!!

 There are also a lot of dogs about but they all look very hot and flustered - not at all impressed by the weather! The lady we are staying with (who I forgot to mention is a paediatrician at the hospital) has a dog, but it's a bit scary - the first time we saw it it was chasing someone, so we've stayed away! It's not a very big dog, but we're taking no chances! She keeps telling us that he's very friendly but experience so far is contradictory to that!!




From shanni on Jun 12th, 2007

Hey Kim! Cows are sacred in Hindu culture, so that's why you see loads of them around. Delhi is exactly the same. They know that no-one is going to hassle them and so sit where the hell they like, even if that's the main throughfare of the city! I am outrageously jealous, by the way, I have always wanted to visit Kathmandu, it sounds spectacular. xxx

From kimhardy on Jun 12th, 2007

hey shanni! Yeah, we figured as much - it's just absolutely hilarious to see a cow sat in the middle of all the traffic!

From Helly on Jun 12th, 2007

Yes the sacred cow. Remember that recent hoo hah in the UK over the cow at the Hindu temple that had TB with the arguements about putting it down or not.

From Kate on Jun 12th, 2007

Ha, you'll see cows holding up traffic all over the subcontinent - you do get used to it but it is quite a visual shock when you first see it. Jealous of you in Kathmandu - it's somewhere I haven't got to yet. xxx