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Long 'day'!

Written on: Tuesday June 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Elective

So we arrived in Kathmandu yesterday after a very, very long day! Our flight from Heathrow left at 10am, so we had to leave home at 4am to get there on time!! Saying goodbye to Martyn was hard but I managed to keep it together (just about anyway)!

 We wandered around Heathrow for a bit, killing time, stopping for a Starbucks (a necessary evil!) and then boarded the plane at about 9. I wasn't expecting great things from Gulf Air, but I have to say it was one of the best flights I've ever been on! All the seats had screens in the back of them, so we watched 'Meet The Fockers' to pass some time, and then we were given a menu(!) to choose our in-flight meal. It was gorgeous food - lamb ragout with mint yoghurt, rice, potato curry and bread and butter, with a fruits of the forest chocolate cake to finish. If I wasn't obsessed with aeroplane food before, I am now! Ha! The entire flight, the crew continued to feed us - all for free! We were provided with fresh juice, muffins, choc ices, crackers - you name it, we got it! The flight went smoothly, except one thing - they called for a doctor or nurse again! Sophie and I had to go and see a man who had had an epileptic fit, but he had stopped convulsing by this point and was fast asleep, as would be expected! I think I'm going to quit flying if everyone is always ill! After the drama, we landed in Bahrain at about 7pm local time - I was surprised to notice that it was already dark there!!

To pass the time in the airport, we had a brief wander around some of the shops (I did succumb to the Duty Free make-up I'm afraid!) and then hit the bar! After all, with almost 6 hours to kill it seemed the logical thing to do! We sat near a window watching planes take off and sipping Vodka and Red Bull (to keep us awake, naturally!). Unfortunately, I noticed that I couldn't get any signal on my phone and could not get in touch with anyone, so if anybody was worrying I'm sorry! The signal is the same in Nepal, so for the time being, it will be email communications only :(

The flight to Kathmandu was also very long, and actually seemed to drag more than the previous 7 hour flight. Probably because they had the air-conditioning on full blast and we were freeeezing! Had to ask for a blanket in the end, so that we could try to sleep. I have to say, over the last 2 days, up until last night I was surviving on 2 hour's sleep. I could not sleep well on the plane as I was still a bit tense about flying, so yesterday seemed to last an awful long time and I was struggling to stay awake!

 When we got off the plane in Kathmandu airport, it was madness! We had to get a Visa to enter the country and I didn't have a photo, so had to pay 20 dollars to have a very unflattering picture taken! Then outside the airport we got a taxi amongst the crowds and headed off to Kanti hospital.

 Once at the hospital, we met with Bishop Joshi, our contact over here, and he talked to us for a while about the hospital but we were so tired that he left us alone in his office to sleep for a bit! At about 2pm, we left with Dr Renu, to go to our home for the next 4 weeks! The house is quite big, with 3 floors and an outside flat, which we are staying in. A lot of Kathmandu is very poor, so we weren't expecting anything luxurious, but I was surprised at how nice it actually was. The family are very nice, and their spoken English is excellent, and really puts us to shame, given that our Nepali is limited to 'Nameste!' at the moment (hello!).

Final note for this entry - the food is amazing! We had daal baht last night, which is traditional Nepalese food. This is rice, with a lentil soup, and we had it with green beans and a lovely pickle that contained various vegetables such as radish, onion etc. I have decided that while I'm here, I will try as much as I can, and judging by last night's meal, I won't be disappointed!! :)




From Helly on Jun 12th, 2007

Kim, I hope that you will be collecting me recipes?