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Sakura Time! Oh, wait, that was months ago...

Written on: Wednesday September 8th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan

Ok, here's me trying to catch up again on these postings. First, here are some lovely pictures of sakura (cherry blossoms) from April. They are all taken around Tokyo. Enjoy!


From Vita on Mar 27th, 2012

Hello Patricia,Generally, I would always try and use nigaorc or at least locally grown and in season when consuming fruits and vegetables in their raw state. However, some research suggests that most of the pesticides are to be found in the fibrous content of the fruit and vegetable, which is normally discarded once the juice has been extracted. This would therefore eliminate the amount you would consume. However, you can also try peeling and also washing your produce in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water and then rinsing in a solution of water and vinegar. If you can find nigaorc and it is within your budget, then go for that option. If not, try and choose produce that has the least concentration of pesticide e.g. those that have a protective skin or something that can be peeled.I appreciate your comment and I hope this helps.Tamara