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Written on: Monday March 15th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan

The last stop of the Shimanami Kaido was Onomichi. I didn't spend a lot of time there after finishing the bike trip, but I had stopped there a few days before on my way to Miyajima. So,the day I walked around Onomichi was the day before New Year's, which I liked because I was able to watch a lot of the preparation happening at the temples and shrines.


Onomichi is a fairly small place, located on an area of the coast where steep hills come almost straight down in to the Inland Sea, so the town is built on the hillside. Small as it is, it has a series of shrines on the hill overlooking the sea, making up the Onomichi temple walk. There is also a "literary path" following much of the same route, featuring the houses of two local writers and many bronze plaques bearing the footprints of other famous writers. Not being able to read enough kanji was frustrating, though, as I couldn't tell the names of the writers. It was raining most of the day I was there, but I liked having a rainy day to walk around in. The path winds through little side streets among the houses all over the hillside, just big enough for people and maybe bicycles where there aren't stairs.


So, here are a lot of photos of temples and the side streets in Onomichi.