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Earthquake October 1

Written on: Monday October 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: Japan

So, last night I was woken from sleep - I had only gone to bed less than an hour before - by an earthquake. The epicentre was in Kanagawa, not close enough to get the worst effects, but close enough to feel it; it hit about 2:20am Oct 1. It was about a 5 (out of 7) at the centre, and apparently about a 4 when it reached here. What I remember is immediately jumping up and standing there for a long time. I was so disoriented, it was a bit frightening. The disorientation was what really frightened me. I thought it was an earthquake at the same time as my mind seemed to race through other possibilies - some of them just imaginary whisps of dream I think. By the time I decided to go back to bed, I was thoroughly undecided whether I had imaginined or dreamt it, or whether it had actually happened. In the morning I was even less sure that it was real, in fact it seemed very unreal. But no, it really had happened. The funny thing, I found out later when searching the web for info about it, was that October 1 was the day of the launch of a new early-warning system for Japan - the world's first earthquake early warning system, in fact. It seems like an interesting project; if you're interested in it here's a couple links:





Japan is probably the most earthquake-prone country in the world, so this isn't really surprising, but it is the biggest earthquake I've experienced. Much like Vancouver Island, it is expected that Japan will get a "big one" sometime on the near future, so they are trying to prepare (hence the world's first early earthquake warning system). I will have to brush up on my earthquake knowledge, I guess, eh?


From Lisa on Oct 2nd, 2007

eeek... earthquakes are freaky. i know what you mean about being stunned and not knowing what to do. i was in a level 5 one in the queen charlottes and had just loaded up the woodstove with wood when it happened, and it shook the chimney pipe loose from the wall - i was seriously panicked trying to prevent the woodstove from filling the house with flames and smoke. somehow the job got done, but i really dread feeling that helplessness again, and hope you don't have to either!

From kimry on Oct 7th, 2007

mmhm, freaky is a good word for it. The stove thing must have been very frightening, a fire could have been more dangerous than the actual earthquake. Thanks Lisa!