Winter Trip (pt 4) - Himeji Photos

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Dear friends back in Canada: Did you notice the flowers just beginning to bud on the tress in the foreground? And this was the beginning of January. Vancouver Island's got nothing on this.

The millstone donated by the old peasant woman to help overcome the shortage of stone building material.

Samples of the different designs used on roof tiles by different lords of the castle

The large block of stone to the left was a coffin stone, salvaged to complete the walls of the castle

Part of the interior of the main tower

One of the "hidey-holes" for samurai to mount a surprise attack on intruders

A weapons rack; guns are on the far rack with pouches of gunpowder hanging overhead.

The Osakabe Shinto Shrine. The castle was built over the original site of the shrine, which was moved. However, some sort of bad luck following this convinced the locals that the shrine needed to be returned, so it was relocated to the top of the main tower.

From the top of the main tower, you can see much of the castle's layout.

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