Winter Trip (pt 1) - Hiroshima & Miyajima Photos


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The peace dome in the morning light

There were quite a lot of birds roosting at the dome - pigeons, sparrows, even a heron.

Happy "bird-man" at the peace park

The monument to Sadako Sasaki

Origami cranes at the children's monument

These cranes are quite big, but in the museum, they had a few of the cranes that Sadako had folded herself, and they were incredibly tiny, maybe only a couple of cm or so big.

Peace flame (hard to see in mid-day) with the museum in the background. The flame will only be extinguished when the last atomic weapons on earth are destroyed.

Our lunch being prepared and the friendly cooks who made it.


Fun, random English in Japan

Hiroshima Castle

Drink vending machines are everywhere in Japan - even at the top of Hiroshima castle, in case you can't wait until you get back down to the snack shop at the entrance. :-)

In the evening light later in the day

The "famous" Miyajima deer - the woman with the red umbrella made the mistake of patting this deer and it followed her around for a few minutes while she tried to shake it.



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