Kyoto Photos


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AstroBoy at the Kyoto station (for Chrissy)

The open-air Kyoto station plaza, looking down from the 12th floor (rooftop) to the 4th where the Christmas tree is. I liked the design of this place, with the central staircase designed like an amphitheater, and 12 levels of stores and places to eat as well as the tourist info offices, and other offices like passport control. A very handy place when you've just arrived in town and need something to eat and to pick up and last-minute supplies.

The rooftop garden at Kyoto station

The Kyoto tower

My room at the ryokan, 2 tatamis big

Sign on the outside of a temple

A gate at the Imperial Palace

At the Imperial Palace - this building was built in 1915 to hold a sacred mirror.

The courtyard facing the throne room

The emperor's throne

At the Imperial Palace

At the Imperial Palace

A doll depicting the garb of a male ceremonial dancer (I think this dance was for the a celebration for a prince's succession - I could be wrong)

At the Imperial Palace

At the Imperial Palace - sliding door designs

Sliding door



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