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Sep 1st 2007 Welcome to our blog
Sep 2nd 2007
Trip Itinerary
Sep 4th 2007
Arrival in Ecuador
Sep 5th 2007 Discovering Mariscal
Sep 6th 2007
Standing on the Equator
Sep 7th 2007
TeleferiQo and Mount Pichincha
Sep 8th 2007
Sep 9th 2007
Old Town - Quito, Ecuador
Sep 10th 2007
Leaving Quito
Sep 11th 2007
Sep 12th 2007
Sep 13th 2007
Volcano Turungahua
Sep 14th 2007
Sep 16th 2007
Riding the train from Riobamba to Sibambe
Sep 17th 2007
Riobamba to Guayaquil City
Sep 19th 2007
Party in Montanita!
Sep 20th 2007
Hippie town Montanita
Sep 22nd 2007
The all night party...
Sep 23rd 2007
Two different perspectives of the same day...
Sep 24th 2007
Whales, Turtles, and Boobies
Sep 25th 2007
Los Frailes Beach
Sep 28th 2007
Agua Blanca
Sep 30th 2007
Leaving the beach
Oct 1st 2007
Oct 2nd 2007
Parque Nacional Cajas
Oct 3rd 2007
The ruins of Ingapirca
Oct 9th 2007
Vilcabamba...maybe it means the valley of laziness
Oct 11th 2007
Leaving Ecuador
Oct 14th 2007
Oct 16th 2007
Trujillo and Huanca del Sol y Luna
Oct 17th 2007
Chan Chan and the Dragon Temple
Oct 18th 2007 Night Bus to Huaraz
Oct 22nd 2007 Laying low in Huaraz
Oct 23rd 2007
Laguna 69
Oct 27th 2007
Sick in Huaraz
Oct 29th 2007 Planes, Buses, and Taxis
Nov 1st 2007
Cusco, Cuzco, Qosq'o
Nov 2nd 2007
Inca Trail - Day 1
Nov 3rd 2007
Inca Trail - Day 2
Nov 4th 2007
Inca Trail - Day 3
Nov 5th 2007
Machu Picchu
Nov 6th 2007
Aguas Calientes
Nov 8th 2007
Religious Circuit of Cusco
Nov 10th 2007
Nov 13th 2007
Colca Canyon - Day 1
Nov 14th 2007
Colca Canyon - Day 2
Nov 15th 2007
Colca Canyon - Day 3
Nov 17th 2007 Juanita the Ice Princess
Nov 18th 2007
Monasterio de Santa Catalina
Nov 20th 2007
Nov 22nd 2007 The Oasis of Huacachina
Nov 23rd 2007
Impromptu Jam
Nov 25th 2007
Sanboarding and Buggy'ing
Nov 27th 2007
Wine and Pisco Tasting
Nov 30th 2007
Back in Lima
Dec 4th 2007
Back in Cusco
Dec 7th 2007
Puno, Peru
Dec 8th 2007
Lake Titicaca and the Isle of Amantani
Dec 9th 2007
Lake Titicaca and the Isle of Taquile
Dec 11th 2007
Copacabana... no, not that one.
Dec 14th 2007
Recovering with Coca in La Paz
Dec 15th 2007
Touring La Paz
Dec 18th 2007
Welcome to the Jungle!
Dec 20th 2007
Visiting Rurrenabaque
Dec 21st 2007
Heading Upriver
Dec 23rd 2007
Serere Reserve
Dec 24th 2007
Serere Reserve Day 2
Dec 25th 2007
Serere Reserve Day 3
Dec 26th 2007
Serere Reserve Day 4
Dec 27th 2007
Leaving the Serere
Dec 30th 2007
Coming to Cochabamba
Dec 31st 2007
New Years in Cochabamba
Jan 2nd 2008
New Years and a movie
Jan 3rd 2008
Oh, look dinosaurs!
Jan 4th 2008
Jan 5th 2008
Uyuni, the last stop in Bolivia
Jan 6th 2008
Jan 7th 2008
Salt Flats of Uyuni - Day 1
Jan 8th 2008
Salt Flats of Uyuni - Day 2
Jan 9th 2008
Salt Flats of Uyuni - Day 3
Jan 10th 2008
Salt Flats of Uyuni - Day 4
Jan 11th 2008
San Pedro de Atacama
Jan 13th 2008
Jan 14th 2008
La Serena
Jan 16th 2008
Pisco Elqui
Jan 17th 2008
Vicuna and Mamalluca
Jan 19th 2008
Jan 20th 2008 Arriving in Santiago and Barrio Paris-Londres
Jan 21st 2008
Jan 22nd 2008
Jan 23rd 2008 Eye infection
Jan 25th 2008
Jan 27th 2008
Jan 28th 2008
Climbing Volcano Villarica
Jan 29th 2008
Rafting in Pucon
Jan 31st 2008
Puerto Varas, Chile
Feb 2nd 2008
Puerto Varas and the Day of the Cake
Feb 4th 2008
Feb 7th 2008
Another day in Ancud
Feb 8th 2008
Chonchi, Chile
Feb 9th 2008
Puerto Montt
Feb 10th 2008 Arriving at the end of the world
Feb 12th 2008
Tierra del Fuego National Park
Feb 13th 2008
The Beagle Channel
Feb 14th 2008
Strait of Magellan
Feb 16th 2008 Puerto Natales, Chile
Feb 17th 2008
Torres del Paine - Day 1
Feb 18th 2008
Torres del Paine - Day 2
Feb 19th 2008
Torres del Paine - Day 3
Feb 20th 2008
Torres del Paine - Day 4
Feb 22nd 2008
Torres del Paine - Day 5-6
Feb 23rd 2008 The missing boots
Feb 26th 2008
El Calafate
Feb 27th 2008 Flying to Buenos Aires
Feb 28th 2008
El Centro de Buenos Aires
Feb 29th 2008
Boca and Palermo District
Mar 1st 2008
Mar 2nd 2008
River Plate vs San Martin
Mar 6th 2008
Dale Dale Boca!
Mar 7th 2008
International Friendship Dinner
Mar 9th 2008
Steaks, wine and Evita Peron
Mar 14th 2008
Iguazu Falls
Mar 16th 2008
Mar 24th 2008
Lazy days in Paraty
Mar 27th 2008
Friends, football and a boat cruise
Mar 28th 2008
Rio de Janeiro
Apr 5th 2008
Across the Pacific
Apr 8th 2008
Apr 9th 2008
Apr 10th 2008
Rangitoto Island

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