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From: Ottawa, Canada

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About Me

Hello and welcome!

We're Julie and Kevin and this is our Round-The-World (RTW) blog. We're leaving in September 2007 on a 2+ year trip (or till money runs out) to discover the world. Please join us as we as we hike to Machu Picchu, hike the Great Wall of China, laze about the beaches of Thailand, ride the Trans-Siberian railroad, sip an espresso in Italy, and climb Kilimanjaro.

A little bit about ourselves: Julie grew up in the small town of Temiscaming, Quebec on the border of the provinces of Ontario and Quebec where the Temiscaming Lake ends and the Ottawa river begins. In 1994, she left to study Computer Science at Heritage College in Hull (Gatineau), Quebec where she met Kevin. He of French-Irish stock and a native of Gatineau, was also in Computer Science. It was an instant attraction and we were soon inseparable. We graduated with our respective degrees and entered the world of working long hours and feeling there was more to life than 1s and 0s. Last year, Kevin was laid off from Hewlett-Packard after his job was outsourced to Costa Rica and Julie left her job of 8 years in the consulting business to live our dream of discovering the world. We've travelled to Costa Rica, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Mexico, England, France, Chile and the Dominica Republic. we're hoping by the end of this trip to add about 30 more countries to this list.

Being techno-geeks we couldn't leave you without instructions on how to navigate this easy to use site:

  • The main link to this blog will always have the most recent blog entry we've written, but if you would like to see a large map and a list of all our blog entries please click on the Travel Journal link on the left under our photo. Choose the journal Round the World and you'll have a full listing. From there you can choose any blog entry, associated photo album, or zoom in/out of the travel map. You can also access a blog entry by clicking one of the pins on the map which will take you to the associated blog entry. You can also access this list by clicking here.
  • Once inside a blog entry, you can add comments by click the comments link (we love receiving comments!) at the bottom, access the photo album, and see previous/newer blog entries by following the navigation links at the top of the entry.
  • Other sections include our profile, linked to the left under our photo which includes this same text.
  • Clicking the Homepage link takes you back to the most recent blog entry.

We hope you enjoy our blog. We plan on updating it once a week.

Julie and Kevin

"Life is an adventure, dare it." - Mother Theresa