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Agua Blanca

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Diane

(March 1st, 2008)

The "road to the pool" shot is just breathtaking! You two are really fantastic photographs. I hope this journey and your pictures makes it into a book. :o)

Trip Itinerary

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Famina

(August 30th, 2007)

I just read your itinerary...just wild!! You will be gone sooo long. I hope I can still recognise you when you get back. travel safe. XOX Famina

From: Peter Mc.

(August 31st, 2007)

Good luck! Keep your plan up so that we can see how close you are to plan! - Looks like a great trip! Enjoy and don't rush! And don't miss out on anything - its worth the extra $10, believe me!

From: MarkyB

(September 5th, 2007)

Hey guys. What an awesome trip. Looking forward to following you guys around via this blog. One suggestion... for way down the road: spend at least a month in Turkey... and I dont think you will need a month for Laos. And just a question, but are you really carrying all those books with you???

From: May

(September 29th, 2007) extremely envious. Still can't believe you guys are doing's awesome!! Hey, maybe you can take some cool pictures of unique, cool cafes for me? Its my latest obsession.

From: Kevin and Julie's RTW

(October 1st, 2007)

Nope, not carrying all those books with us. Each one will be sent to us as we get to the new area.

From: Connie

(December 6th, 2007)

Hey guys! I loved the pictures of the Boobies! Amazing creatures!!! Looking forward to seeing Bolivia through your eyes. Have fun!

From: Bob and Angele

(February 27th, 2008)

Hope all is well....great pictures and trip...keeping up with you two every so is slow at home....until next good and play safe. Bob and Angele....from the winter wonder land

Salt Flats of Uyuni - Day 4

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Laura

(February 21st, 2008)

Oh what memories! I still can't get the song "Crazy people, crazy music' out of my head - and now neither can you!!!! To fill you in on my trip back to La Paz, the short version, we waited at the border with Chile because he was trying to pick up extra passengers to return to Uyuni. He managed to get one, a nice travel agent from La Paz, but it meant I couldn't lie down on the comfy seat, so I climbed in the back. You are right, it's much bouncier there. We soon came back to another hot lake, one we had passed earlier that morning and he had asked us if we wanted to stop and we said No. Well, he asked me again, I said No - keep going - and so we stopped. Driver and girlfriend and nice travel agent all got into the hot springs and stayed there for about 45 minutes, but before they went he turned up the Bony M real loud! I sat and sulked and turned the music off. I tried the cat trick of willing them to come out by staring at them but nothing worked. In their own time we got back in the car and set off again. We passed lots of broken down jeeps along the way and each time the driver stopped to offer help, 'How nice' I thought. But the first time he could help by giving someone a spare Jack we had, I realised he was charging money for it! He also managed to pick up 2 more people and took them back to Uyuni so we were 4 in the back again, and he wasn't cheap. I can't remember exactly how much but I do remember thinking it was a lot of money! The travel agent tried to help me by saying he would come to the bus station with me to make sure I got a ticket that night but the driver said it would not be necessary and had all been arranged - yeah, right! We dropped the nice travel agent off and the driver drove me back to his agent. When I asked about the bus station, he just said, "No, agent" so I just sat there in the office, regaling all their future customers with tales of our journey until someone came to try to shut me up. They took me back across Uyuni to my original agent who said she had been so worried about me that she kept asking the other agent what had happened to me and they said nothing. So of course she hadn't changed my bus ticket back to La Paz. She said that all the buses were full until saturday night, this was Thursday morning, and I said that wasn't good enough as I was flying back to NZ on Sunday morning. Anyway, she really didn't want me to tell the agent in La pAz about the trip and I said I wouldn't complain, I wouldn't ask for money back - JUST GET ME ON A BUS TONIGHT. Eventaully, she got me a ticket on a public bus, no reclining seats here, no movie, no dinner and get tucked up in a blanket. Instead, i was in the driver's mate's chair. You know the one, the tiny one, 4 inches from the windscreen with no arm rests let alone a back rest. So yes, I sat there for 12 hours, I got knocked every time someone got on or off the bus, I fell off if I moved an inch either side, and for about the last 6 hours I had an old woman chewing coca leaves in my ear, the smell jsut made me feel sick. Anyway, I got back to La Paz in time to catch my flight, but I did break my promise and complained to the agent in La Paz. I thought that was the least I could do after that journey back. I bumped into some other people who had been at the wedding I went to before Uyuni , they had been to Uyuni and been delayed by 2 days and missed their flight back to New Zealand and were told there wasn't another until FEB 24!!!! I felt quite a bit better after that Love the photos Laura (Humphrey)

Leaving the Serere

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Lynda G Martin

(January 13th, 2008)

Wow Julie and Kevin both of you are rocking cool. Your aunt is very proud of you both ..Love you

Back in Lima

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Crystal Rockburn

(December 27th, 2007)

I am so amazed by your stories and pictures... you are LIVING the dream ... CAPE DIEM

Wine and Pisco Tasting

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Monique (ex-voisine)

(December 19th, 2007)

Bonjour Julie et Kevin, j'espère que vous êtes bien. J'ai lu quelques-uns de vos textes et regardé certaines photos. C'est magnifique !! Je vous souhaite de passer un merveilleux temps des Fêtes. Bisous.

Colca Canyon - Day 1

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Greg K

(December 4th, 2007)

Great stories and pics guys! Love the ninja pic Jules.

The Oasis of Huacachina

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

From: Daniel Vaillancourt

(November 29th, 2007)

HI, This is Daniel Vaillancourt from Temiscaming. Actually Julie and have the same uncle but we are not related. I heard about your treck from my friend in Temiscaming. Good for you Julie and Kevin. Not sure if you remember me Julie but I worked at Rogers Groceries for many years, you were quite young at the time,it was before your mom worked there. I have been living in Seoul South Korea for the past 6 six years. I have recently married a Korean woman and I am very happy here. If you two ever make to Seoul you are morre than welcome to stay with us for while and we can show you around the country, teach about the culture and help you in anyway we can. My e-mail address is and if you make over here I'll give you my cell phone number. p.s. Trust in Alah but tie your camel

From: Nicolas et Andrée

(November 30th, 2007)

C'est tellement beau toutes c'est église.Qu'elle richesse culturel.En tout cas vous faite des excéllents guide pour nous.J'adore voyager avec vous deux.Lâcher pas .Les photos et récit son extra

Aguas Calientes

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: vincent and noor dutchies

(November 26th, 2007)

hoi kevin i didn´t get your email right so sent me one greetings dutchies

Machu Picchu

From the Trip: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Journal Entry Highlight

From: Nicolas

(November 17th, 2007)

I wish i was there .It is so beautiful. Keep up the good stuff you two.Nicolas & Andrée . We love you xx

From: mom

(November 17th, 2007)

just love your pics of Machu ....really really awesome...

From: Michel R

(November 23rd, 2007)

Wow! The blog and the pictures. Can't really say anything else. Wow!

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