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International Friendship Dinner

Written on: Friday March 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Author: Julie 


The day started off rather innocently with Kevin and our Israeli friends Edan and his sister Inbar deciding to make supper together to share national dishes. We would meet at the hostel at 6 PM with our ingredients and make a night of it. 

Before we would meet for supper, we needed to buy our bus ticket for a couple of days later. As much as we loved Buenos Aires, it was time for us to move on. So, we hopped the metro back to the central area and walked over to the bus station. It was huge with multiple levels, over 100 bus bays and about 200 hundred bus companies with destinations to every corner of the country. For 80$ each, we booked a 16-hour overnight bus to the border between Argentina and Brazil to see the world-famous Iguazu waterfalls. On the walk back, we tried one more time to enter the museum at the Casa Rosada but it was closed. 

As the day progressed, we invited more and more friends till we were over 16 people sharing a potluck supper. Kevin bought a large 3 lbs beef roast for 4$, which he marinated and slow cooked in the oven. Buenos Aires is known for its excellent beef and no trip to the country is complete without trying a few steaks. Others provided fried eggplant, a type of Israeli meat ball, rice, fresh bread rolls, great red wine, Moroccan vegetarian stir-fry, chicken wings, cooked vegetables and the 'piece de resistance' was homemade lemon torte. When everyone had sat down, Edan asked the guys to put a napkin on their heads (it was supposed to be a special cloth, but we made do with what we had) and proceeded to say a Jewish prayer, in Hebrew, thanking god for the food. It was great that we had a mixture of nationalities and foods from around the world, and everyone brought a little something of themselves to the table with an open heart. We were Canadian, American, Israeli, Spanish, Mexican, English, Swiss, Venezuelan, German and Brazilian. It was a fantastic night filled with delicious foods, great music, many bottles of wine, dancing and an impromptu game of limbo. It was almost 6 AM when we finally decided to crash for the night. It capped a wonderful stay for us in this beautiful city where we met so many wonderful people who have become our life-long friends. Eat, drink and be merry!