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Flying to Buenos Aires

Written on: Wednesday February 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Author: Julie 


The morning after our visit to the glacier we had a scheduled flight that we had pre-booked a while back to Buenos Aires. We were skipping a good portion of the south of Argentina but we had a flight in a month to New Zealand from Rio de Janeiro which we had to get to. There will always be other trips that we?ll be able to take to Argentina to see the wonderful cities of Mendoza, Bariloche and many more. 

We woke up at 8 AM and tried calling for a taxi to the airport but they couldn?t understand Kevin over the phone. We got the owner of the hostel to help us book our ride. After having packed we double checked we hadn?t forgotten anything I realised that I didn?t have our plane tickets. I panicked for a bit, took everything out of my bag once again to remember at the last minute that we had e-tickets. Yah, I was really bright that morning. We were waiting for the taxi but it was late and we were starting to worry when the owner offered to take us the airport in his own car at ˝ the price the taxi company was asking. We said yes, of course and hopped into the car for the 30 km drive to the airport. We got checked in quickly and headed to the one gate for the whole airport. It was chaos waiting for our plane as there weren?t any seats for the 2/3 of the people waiting, as well no one ever knew what flight was departing. Things were finally sorted and we boarded our plane for the next step in our trip. We had a stopover in Bariloche but we didn?t have to get off. We arrived in Buenos Aires 5 hours after we had left. 

We collected our bags, walked out of the airport and took a local bus to the San Juan area of the city. We walked the 6 blocks to the hostel we had booked a few days earlier. Of course, I?m sure you can see it coming, the hostel had lost/never received the reservation and they didn?t have a room for us. This was the last time we were going to use the booking website we had used in the past. In the long run, we are grateful they didn?t have our reservation as they called us a taxi and sent us to another which had room for us called Puerto Limon. This hostel was much nicer, had been open for 4 months, and had a great vibe. They owners had put a lot of thought into the design and we fell in love with the place. So, we got checked in which was located in the San Telmo area known for it?s Parilla (Steakhouses) and Tango dancing. It had a gritty feel but you could feel the cultural lifeblood of the city in its streets with its old, lopsided concrete sidewalks, old-fashioned cafes, tango dancing in its squares, steakhouses, independent fashion designers. It?s was a great neighbourhood which lulled us into falling in love with it. 

That evening, we walked to Plaza Dorrego for supper. It was 7 PM, but to the Argentines it was only snack hour so we were limited in what we could order. We found a seat at an outdoor café in the small square with free tango shows. A few patches of rubber were laid on the floor and two couples dressed in the most beautiful dresses with sky-high heels would dance the most sensuous dance with a man in full suit and dapper hat. We watched them for a couple of hours while we ate our gourmet pizza. It was a fantastic introduction to Buenos Aires. Of course, this being Buenos Aires, we?ve come to expect strangeness with amazedness. There were a couple of women, who looked like life was rough, going from table to table begging for food. One was quite skinny but she had 4-5 year old boy with her who was chubby. The strangeness came when the mother ate everything that was offered to her but didn?t share any with her son, who was busy dancing on his own in the middle of the square to the tango music playing over speakers. Really cute! When she was done eating, she called him over, sat him on her lap and started to breastfeed him. No wonder she was so slim, she was still breastfeeding after at least 4 years and he was chubby from all the milk. So weird!!


From Khalid El khidir on Jun 4th, 2008

Hi Guys, You must be enjoying this, please keep writting we enjoying this here. Amira my wife always ask me to check the web site to see where are you on this planet. Cheers, Khalid / Amira