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La Serena

Written on: Monday January 14th, 2008

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: La Serena, Chile  

Author: Julie 


Our bus dropped us off early in the morning at a La Serena gas station. Everyone got off, the bags were off-loaded and it drove off. We pulled out the guidebook map to find our bearings. The owner of the hostel in San Pedro had given us a pamphlet to the hostel of one of her friends and the prices listed were really good so we wanted to check it out. After going down the wrong road for five minutes we finally figured out where we were and headed in right direction. The hostel had rooms for us but the prices had doubled since the printing of the pamphlet and it was out of our price range so we had to walk away. Checking the map we found a few more hostels in the same neighbourhood but these were all full. Finally the last one we checked recommended a place a few doors down that we hadn?t noticed on the first pass. We rang the doorbell with our fingers crossed that it was affordable and they had room. Luckily, the owner answered and showed us a private room with a queen bed at a very reasonable price, breakfast was even included. So we dropped off our stuff and went out to find a place to eat supper. Kevin had been here a couple of years earlier and knew were the main plaza was located. We followed old colonial streets shaded with large trees and found a lovely park and the usual statues dedicated to past wars. Around the plaza, there were stalls selling cotton candy and candied apple as well as a puppet show for kids and an enterprising fellow renting out battery-powered cars for the kids to drive around the plaza. The surrounding streets all had old, beautiful churches dating from the 1600s and the streets were cobbled with modern cafes along the sidewalk. We walked around for a while till we found a small alley leading to a nice restaurant. It was still early in the evening for supper so the girls standing outside of the restaurants had the Once menu for our review. We asked if they also served full supper and they answered yes. They led us down the way and sat us outdoors at a small table, with classical music playing in the background. I ordered a delicious plate of pasta while Kevin ordered a plate of deliciously smoked salmon. 

After supper, we returned to our hostel to try and book the outing to the Islas de las Damas in Parque Nacional Penguino de Humboldt for the morning. Kevin had booked the same exact tour the previous year but it had been cancelled due to bad weather. He was really hoping to make it this time. The island is known for its large colony of Humboldt penguins that nest there each year before migrating towards the Antartic. We paid our deposit and went to bed for our early morning wake-up call.  


From Maggie on Jan 21st, 2016

Gosh, I wish I would have had that inamtofrion earlier!