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The Oasis of Huacachina

Written on: Thursday November 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: Huacachina, Ica, Peru


Author: Julie




Well, we ended up spending a few more days in Nazca than we had planned. I had come down with a small stomach flu that made being away from a bathroom a nervous experience for me. I laid in bed for a couple of days while Kevin wandered around the city and played his guitar. Unfortunatel, although we had a TV in our room, all the channels were in Spanish, except for the Hallmark Channel. I spent those two days watching weepy made-for-TV movies or Spanish telecommercial. Anything and everything is sold on TV, including your very own Turkish spa bath, uplifting breast Velcro tape, and my personal favourite the portable light bulb.


On the second day, I finally felt strong enough to attempt the two hour bus ride to Ica on a bathroom-less bus. As we were buying the tickets, I was crossing my fingers that I wouldn?t have to stand up in the bus and yell ?Stop!? to the driver. Luckily, my stars were aligned and everything went smoothly.


A ten minute taxi ride took us from the Ica bus terminal through the streets of a city just getting back on its feet. In early October a 7 point earthquake centered in Pisco, one hour away, shook and trembled its way into causing major damage. Many buildings were down, walls were crumbled, large cracks could be seen everywhere and a state of rebuilding could be seen on almost every street. We wound our way through a community which was only now getting a handle on a normalcy of life. Our taxi took us from this sad image to the oasis of Huacachina, located in the desert and surrounded by sand dunes. Most of the gringo travellers stay here when in Ica. Our taxi dropped us off at Hostal El Huacachinero, which in the Lonely Planet guide book was described as being a bit rickety-rackety, but we arrived to find a hotel backing onto huge sand dunes, with incredibly clean and modern rooms, and best of all a refreshing swimming pool. The price was double what was stated in the book at 23$ a night, but after feeling miserable for the past few days this was an oasis in an oasis for me, there was no way we were going anywhere else. From the hotel, looking 360 around us all we can see are large sand dunes surrounding us, it is absolutely amazing!


I spent most of the afternoon sleeping since the bus ride had taken all my energy just to get here. Kevin walked around the little boardwalk surrounding the little laguna of water and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun in the hotel pool.


From Daniel Vaillancourt on Nov 29th, 2007

HI, This is Daniel Vaillancourt from Temiscaming. Actually Julie and have the same uncle but we are not related. I heard about your treck from my friend in Temiscaming. Good for you Julie and Kevin. Not sure if you remember me Julie but I worked at Rogers Groceries for many years, you were quite young at the time,it was before your mom worked there. I have been living in Seoul South Korea for the past 6 six years. I have recently married a Korean woman and I am very happy here. If you two ever make to Seoul you are morre than welcome to stay with us for while and we can show you around the country, teach about the culture and help you in anyway we can. My e-mail address is ttdvaillancourt@hotmail.com and if you make over here I'll give you my cell phone number. p.s. Trust in Alah but tie your camel

From Nicolas et Andrée on Nov 30th, 2007

C'est tellement beau toutes c'est église.Qu'elle richesse culturel.En tout cas vous faite des excéllents guide pour nous.J'adore voyager avec vous deux.Lâcher pas .Les photos et récit son extra