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Aguas Calientes

Written on: Tuesday November 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: Aguas Calientes, Peru

Author: Julie


We stayed in town for a night, along with Chris and Lisa, to see what Aguas Calientes had to offer. It was city that was built on tourism and there wasn?t much to see. Many, many hotels, restaurants, stores, and not much in substance unfortunately. That evening we met up with Chris and Lisa for supper at the hotel but before we went out to a bar around the corner offering 4 drinks for the price of 1 for 15 soles. It was very cheap so we couldn?t say no. I had a couple of Pisco Sours (the national drink) and Kevin had a couple of beers. We went to bed that night well-fed and very clean after each taking a 20 minute shower.

The next morning we tried to sleep in but we couldn?t since we were used to getting up early and we were starved from being constantly fed on the trek. We met up with Chris and Lisa for breakfast before heading out in the town to see what the market had to offer in alpalca wool hats and sweaters. Not much jumped out at us so we left empty-handed. Time flew by and very soon we were on the train back to Ollantaytambo. We had chosen to take the train only mid-way and take a taxi from there on to Cusco after reading it was much cheaper. The train ride only took 1 hour but it was very entertaining. The staff put on a fashion show of the latest wool fashions. It was mostly designed for an older audience so we weren?t interested, which is a good thing since I saw the price of one of the sweaters: 150$! We couldn?t have afforded it even if we had liked it.

Back in Cusco, we checked back in the Loki Hostel and spent the night answering emails, uploading the 1000 photos we took and started updating the blog with our latest adventures.


From vincent and noor dutchies on Nov 26th, 2007

hoi kevin i didn´t get your email right so sent me one vincent_min@hotmail.com greetings dutchies