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Planes, Buses, and Taxis

Written on: Monday October 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Location: Lima, Peru

Author: Julie


The next morning after our wonderful meal, Kevin and I departed on an early morning bus to Lima. We had a flight to catch to Cusco the morning after for the start of our Inca Trail.

This time we had pre-booked our bus ticket and managed to get a couple of seats in the ?bed? section in the lower section of the bus. I planned on sleeping my way through the mountains and arriving at the coast and Lima refreshed and awake. My stomach had other ideas. The drive through the mountains had us rocking back and forth and I was unable to fall asleep, which is a surprise because since the beginning of the trip the moment I?m on any sort of transportation I?m asleep within 10 minutes of departure. The longer the ride lasted the queasier I felt. Kevin was feeling better now that he had started taking his medication but I was having what I thought was a really bad case of motion sickness. I was extremely glad when we finally arrived in Lima almost 10 hours after departing Huaraz. We quickly took a taxi to a hostel suggested by our guidebook.

Location in the neighbourhood of Miraflores, the Flying Dog hostel was near a large park named after President Kennedy and surrounded by trendy restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and cafes. Along the sidewalks, painters were selling their paintings and performance artists were performing. Once settled into our large room with 4 single beds, Kevin dragged me to his get better restaurant of choice: McDonald?s also known in traveler circles as ?The American Embassy?. Seeing the golden arches did give me boost after almost 2 months of eating strange foods, the thought of eating something familiar since my childhood made me happy. We ordered our Big Mac combos which looked and tasted exactly like home and made our bellies feel a little weird just like home. Stuffed full of mystery meat and salty fries we crashed early for our 5:50 AM flight to Cusco the next morning.

At 4 AM, my alarm went off and we dragged our bodies out of bed. Our scheduled taxi was waiting for us already. The drive to the airport was interesting and certainly unforgettable. We drove along the beach while talking with our driver about trivial things in our broken English, till he found out we were from Canada. From that point on, all he talked about was Paul Anka, which he idolizes. It was really strange to be talking about music from a Canadian 60s crooner, in the middle of the night, driving along the Pacific Ocean, in Latin America.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. We quickly checked in, made our way through security, and paid our airport departure fee of 6$ each. In the terminal cafeteria area, I made a beeline for Dunkin? Donuts and Kevin for Pizza Hut. More fast food, but just like home.

We boarded our plane with mostly white foreigner and settled down for our quick one hour flight. Within 10 minutes of take-off I was in a deep sleep and didn?t wake up till the attendant woke me to adjust my seat for landing. Wow, I love flights that just fly by (hahaha).

We shared a collective taxi with a couple of guys from Colorado we met in Huaraz, again at our hostel in Lima, and now at our arrival gate. My first views of Cusco were a let down, with it looking like Huaraz when everything I had read made it sound stunning. The taxi dropped us off at the bottom of a steep hill, with never-ending stairs and pointed to the top telling us our hostel was there. We grabbed our bags, huffed and puffed our way up the 50 or so steps to arrive at the large, gated door for Loki Hostel. It is described in our guide book as being a party hostel located in a 450-year old villa. We couldn?t pass up staying in such an old colonial building. We checked-in to our reserved room and fell asleep quickly.