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The all night party...

Written on: Saturday September 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Author: Julie


Well, the fool moon party has started later for some and they shared it with us. We were repeatedly awakened all night long by our next door neighbours. Combine the non-stop dance music coming from every bar on Main Street with the voices of 2 girls in one cabana and the voice of 3 guys in the cabana next to ours and you have a full symphony of drunken conversation. One girl in particular laughed like a hyena, which woke us up every 5 minutes, while the guys would just randomly scream the top of their lungs. They were so drunk that every once in a while one of them would confuse their cabana with ours and try to open our door. Mid-way through the night, I woke up from a light sleep to remember that I had left a wrap to dry outside for the evening. Wishing for it to not become a toy for the drunk people, I opened our window to grab it from the ledge, only to come face to face with a drunk guy stretched out in our hammock. I gave him a dirty look, grabbed my wrap, and closed the window tightly behind me. The next morning, when we left our room, the boys were still drinking and even tried to get Kevin to join in a Whiskey shot with them. The bottle of Whiskey must have been at least 10 litres and they drank of it since last night! We quickly packed up and went out looking for another room further away from Main Street. We settled on a room at the nicest hotel in town at the high price of 25$. It had a security gate, 2 pools, a hot tub and on-site restaurant over-looking the beach and the best part was that it was quieter than anywhere else we looked.

The weather is still cloudy and we?ve come to expect to be so now. It had rained most of the night so the roads were covered in mud. People were covered in mud up to their ankles and most went around without shoes. We grabbed lunch at our regular restaurant/bar and settled in for the afternoon to people watch the Guayaquilenos steadily arriving for the start of the party later in the evening. From their clothes and attitude you could tell that they were mostly rich kids from the big city coming to the beach town for a party. Quite a few were drunk by supper time. I guess when the parents aren?t around the kids will play.

For the past couple of days, we?ve been watching fencing being put up on the street in front of the local church and town square. We thought it might for a religious festival or for the full moon party. As the day moved on, tables and chairs were added, huge speakers, festive decorations, a sign saying ?laser show?, and the road was closed off to car traffic. Wow, this is going to be a great party. After supper, we walked over to see what was happening and discovered it was a wedding reception! All the guests were eating their supper in fancy clothes, while loud music played. Sadly, the bride and groom were sitting very quietly at their table, not talking to each other or anyone else. We thought it was so strange, shouldn?t this be the happiest day of their life? Then the bride stood up and we saw she was far along into her pregnancy. This was a shotgun wedding, albeit a very expensive, very formal wedding. As people say ?Only in South America?.

We walked the streets for a while, met up with Christian at a small little bar selling large Brahama beers at 75 cents each. There?s only so much to do in Montanita and drinking seems to be the most popular choice at this time. I was getting tired of being in Montanita, more than a little bored and tired from not sleeping the night before. We had stayed the extra day to really see what this full moon party that everyone was talking about, ?stay, it?s such a great time?. The flyers that had been passed out all day long listed 4 ?internationally renowned? DJs were going to be mixing into the wee hours of the morning at the Cana Grill. Sounded promising to us, even if we were old foggies compared to most of the 18-19 years old that were here. Well, the evening was pleasant as we chatted and swapped travel stories with Christian, watched the same people stagger back and forth along main street, waiting for the party at the Cana grill to pick up. 10 PM came and passed, no one was at the bar yet, 11 PM same thing, 12 AM, 1 AM, at 2 AM when still there was nothing going on, Kevin and I said our goodnights to Christian and headed back to our room. I heard the music at the wedding playing till 6 AM and the music at the Cana Grill playing till 8 AM. Did anyone attend the party? Who knows, but if they did it was past 2 AM when we threw in the towel.