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Arrival in Ecuador

Written on: Tuesday September 4th, 2007

A journal entry from: Kevin and Julie's RTW

Author: Julie


As greetings from Ecuador was announced over the speaker, I clutched Kevin's hand in mine and waited for the airplane to touch down on the tarmac. There was a moment of fear, waiting to see if the brakes would work or not. During our departure, every time the pilot would press on the brakes the whole plane would shake with a loud grinding noise. Kevin commented on how they needed new rotors. I'm not sure if planes even have rotors but it sure didn't eleviate my fear that we would crash on landing. The landing was smooth, the plane didn't shake to a fiery crash and we disembarked from the plane into a sea of spanish speaking, tanned skinned people.

Customs was a simple affair with not a word spoken by our agent who took our passports and landing forms and sent us along the way. She didn't even ask to see a proof of leaving the country which Air Canada has forced us to buy earlier this morning saying it was regulations to enter the country of Ecuador. We are the proud owners of 2 refundable return tickets to Canada for 6 months from now. We will be making a visit to the nearest AC office in the near future to get our refund. Better safe than sorry!

We seem to have develop a bad habit when entering South-American countries, our bags didn't make it again. They are currently in Bogota, Columbia waiting to be sent on the next flight to Quito which should be sometime this morning. Unlike Mexico, we weren't the only people who's bags did not follow. Reassuringly, every other Air Canada passenger on the Bogota flight also were missing their baggage. Kevin and I were pretty blaze about it. We had just flown 12 hours, were tired and just wanted our beds. We went through what is now becoming a familiar process; filled in the forms and identified our bag models on a picture chart, smiled to the ticket agent and went along our way knowing that things always have a way of figuring themselves out.

We exited the airport into the cold night. It was only about 10C since we were now in the Southern Hemisphere at the start of their Spring and the elevation of Quito is about 10,00ft ASL. We didn't get to see much of Quito as our taxi zoomed from the airport to the backpacker enclaved of Mariscal in the area of New Town. Bar after bar, restaurant after restaurant and internet cafes abounded. The music blared and there were more white people than locals walking the streets. Our taxi turned down a side street and stopped in front of the Crossroads Hostel were will be staying for the next 3 nights. We disembarked with our little daypacks and rang the doorbell. The night attendant answered the door, quickly filled in our form and brought us to our "Cuarto Matrimonio" private room where we greatfully crashed into our soft bed.


From JS on Sep 6th, 2007

Yes guys, planes do have rotor/caliper brake systems. What a bummer with the luggage...they probably needed them to smuggle ilicit stuff out of Colombia LOL (-:

From Marc D on Sep 6th, 2007

Wish both of you well. Glad you made it okay. Go forth and take alot of pictures! .. and post them here.

From Lorraine O'Farrell on Sep 7th, 2007

Hi guys, I'm soooo jealous. Take care. I'll be watching you....lol.

From Michel Rockburn on Sep 7th, 2007

Nice to hear from you guys already. This "footstep" website is very cool. Good idea. Looking forward to more news.

From Matteo on Sep 7th, 2007

Glad to hear you two arrived safe and sound! You have a great style of writing Julie.. I never knew! Must have developed your own style from all that reading you do! Can't wait to read the next installments! Enjoy Ecuador! :-)