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Day 20 - Huatulco

Written on: Thursday April 6th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


This is the end of the line for us, we left early this morning for our flight to Huatulco. We quickly checked out and grabbed a taxi to the airport for 100 pesos. Our flight was on time and for the next 6 hours we flew to Mexico City then on the Huatulco for our last night in Mexico.

At the Huatulco airport, we wondered if we would have a repeat of our first night, did our bags make it? Happily they did and in one piece. Unlike the first time though, there was no one there to meet us and we had to navigate the taxi stand gauntlet. The standard fare by taxi to Huatulco is more expensive that at any other airport we had been at yet. We had read about the stranglehold the taxi mafia had and we were only slightly surprised at the 390 pesos price tag. We said no to all taxi offers and bought tickets at the Collectivo stand for 80 pesos each. What a price difference! We added 5 more people to our collectivo van and off we were to Crucetita for our last night. We were dropped off at the Maria Mixteca hotel and paid 900 pesos for our room. It was 200 pesos more than the first time we stayed there but we realised that they had raised the prices for the start of Semana Santa (Easter Week). All of mexico is on holiday for that week and it?s one of their busiest travel weeks of the year. It is their version of springbreak, with all the school children getting one week of vacation. We dropped our bags off and walked around the village, stopping at shops and looking at restaurant menus. Around 7 PM, we got hungry and stopped at a restaurant around the corner from our hotel. We both ordered Fajitas con Queso and it was great! Mine include beef, sausage, green peppers, onions, and cheese. Kevin got the chicken version. We sat around talking to our waiter and helping him with his english. We could tell that he was very serious at improving his english so we give him our Mexican-English phrasebook. He seemed really happy and last we saw of him, he was in the corner reading and silently mouthing the words.

We went to sleep that night listening to the Nirvana cover band that was playing in the Zocalo. It was the start of the Semana Santa festival in Huatulco.