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Day 18 - Puerto Vallarta

Written on: Tuesday April 4th, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


This morning we woke up around 9:30 AM, we were tired from the day before at Sayulita and slept in. It?s going to be hard going back home and getting back into our early morning routine. Our trip is coming to close in a few days and I?m starting to get sad. It?s been a wonderful trip so far and I?ve fallen in love with Mexico, it?s people, it?s beauty, it?s sun, and it?s slow way of life.

We took our time walking along the Malecon. We wanted to try a new breakfast place before we met up with Gen for an afternoon shopping expedition. Tomorrow was our last day in Puerto Vallarta and we had an outdoor adventure tour booked so today was our day to finish our shopping. As we walked, we noticed the fisherman feeding the pelicans from their morning catch, the locals walking their dogs along the beach, the expatriates on their morning jog, the bus loads of cruise ship tourists disembarking, the sand sculptures of Jesus and Mary by local artists, the stacked balancing rocks defying the laws of physics till the tide comes in. It was so relaxing and yet so alive.

After breakfast at the No Name Bar with it?s sport theme and hockey games playing on the screen (hey, we?re canadian, we can?t go that long without watching a game), we met Gen at the McDonald?s. We walked along the streets, stopping here and there. Along the way, Gen asked if we minded stopping at a friends place up in the hills for a few minutes. She had forgotten her sunglasses there the week before and wanted to pick them up. This was fine with us as we loved the neighborhoods along the top of the hills. We climbed and climbed and climbed, until we past the last street. We had a great surprise when we got to her friend?s home, he had bought an old home and renovated it. He had the best views of Puerto Vallarta, high above the city. You could see from end to end, it was amazing! He showed us pictures of the renovations and there?s no comparisons from the before and after. He had completely guted the placed, painted everything white and installed white tiles everywhere to make it light and airy. The best feature and the first thing you noticed were the large floor to ceiling sliding windows 12 feet high installed all along the front and side of the house. He had them all open to allow the refreshing breeze from the Pacific ocean to pass through. On his large patio overlooking the city, he had an outdoor dining area including a wine fridge and a 9 foot wading pool. It was a dream home! One day?
After wiping the drool, we reluctantly left to continue our shopping. We were on the lookout for a glass and pitcher set like I seen the previous week in Playa del Carmen. I also wanted to buy a set of small serving dishes with chilies painted on them for when I made fajitas. We lucked out near the flea market and found everything (and more) we were looking for. Our money belt is definitely lighter than it was this morning.

As the day was winding down, we walked back towards our hotel with our heavy bags. Gen had to return home early to do some homework and study for an exam she had at the end of the week. This was the last day we would see her since the next day we were on a tour and the day after we were flying back to Huatulco to catch our connecting flight back to Canada. We were hungry and not ready to say our goodbyes so early, so we stopped at an Italian restaurant she liked that had a lovely balcony overlooking the ocean. We got a window seat and spent the next 3 hours chatting, eating good italian food, and watching the vibrant sunset of Puerto Vallarta.

At 8 PM, we said our goodbyes to Gen, wished her well in her studies, made tentative plans to see her on her next visit and walked back to our hotel. Another great day in Puerto Vallarta.