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Day 17 - Sayulita

Written on: Monday April 3rd, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


This morning we woke up at 8 AM, got dressed and walked along avenue Mexico looking for a quick breakfast stop. We had made plans with Gen to meet at 11 AM at the Universidad de Ixtapa of Guadalajara where she is studying network engineering for the next 4 years. We stopped at a cafe shop and grabbed a tea for me and a coffee for Kevin. It was a little expensive, it cost us 100 pesos for a chamomile tea, a capuccino coffee, a slice of strawberry cake and a slice of some kind of roll with nuts and creame cheese. The prices go up the closer we get to the hotel zone.

After breakfast, we hopped into a cab to the university for 100 pesos. We drove along past the hotel zone, the marina, the airport, until we arrived at the University. We were early so I sat down near the entrance and tried to look like a student while I tried to finish my book ?One hundred years of solitude? by Gael Garcia Marquez while Kevin walked around the campus checking things out. Like all universtity campuses, this one had various buildings surrounded by trees and grass, meeting places for students, an outdoor cafeteria, walking paths, ponds, etc. It was very relaxing and certainly a great environment for learning. After her class was done, we met up with Gen and she gave us a quick tour of the campus and the Computer Science buildings. It was weird to be surrounded by desktop PCs and servers after 2 1/2 weeks of vacation. I was trying to escape the IT world and the students were working hard trying to break into it.

We met up with Adrian, he had finished showing clients around for the day and headed north towards the little surfing and beach community of Sayulita for a day at the beach. We instantly fell in love with the vibe of the place. This was what we had left behind in Puerto Escondido and had lost in Playa del Carmen. Gen and Adrian had been here before and took us away from the main beach to the secluded beach Playa de los Muertos. To get to the beach we walked south past the Villa Amor which looked pretty swanky, down a dusty road, past a cemetary to the beach. There was barely anyone there except for a couple of mexican families with their children out enjoying a family day at the beach. I?ve noticed that most mexicans swim in the ocean in their shorts and t-shirts on although I can tell they are wearing a bathing suit underneath. This level of modesty must be related to the strong influence of the catholic church in Mexico. Gen and I spent the day laying in the sun working on our tans while the boys went out snorkelling. The visibility was cloudy and they didn?t see much except Adrian did see a seasnake and quickly backpaddled away.

Around 4 PM, we headed back to the main beach to get some food and watch the surfers. Kevin spent the next 3 hours playing in the waves, trying to bodysurfs amongst the beginner surfers. This is a great beach to learn to surf, I wish I had known earlier, I might have given it a try but it was too late during the day and the surfshops were closing up for the day. The waves break softly to the south and increasingly break bigger towards the north. There was room for every level of expertise. Once Kevin was sufficiently waterlogged, we walked over to a local restaurant and ordered shrimp for supper. Adrian and I ordered the Garlic Shrimp platter, Kevin got the Butter Shrimp platter, and Gen got the Battered Shrimp platter all for 100 pesos each. The plates were huge and loaded with about 20 to 30 good sized shrimp! Eat that Red Lobster and your measly shrimp platters.

Once the sun had set, we returned back to town, covered in sand with a rosy glow to our skin and a full stomach.