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Day 15 - Puerto Vallarta

Written on: Saturday April 1st, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


This morning, we woke up to the sound of families talking and doors slamming. I forgot how it was being in a large hotel. We unpacked our bags since we were too tired to do it the night before, got dressed and met Gen downstairs at 9:30 for breakfast. We hopped on a local bus to the marina for 4.5 pesos. It is a fast, cheap, and efficient way to get around Puerto Vallarta.

We arrived at the entrance of the Marina and walked to the where all the rich people boats were anchored. There are some very rich people in the world with some very nice yachts. Kevin had to literally wipe the drool from his lips as we looked around.

We had breakfast at Mr. Cream and I had the strawberry pancakes and Kevin ordered a concoction of his own that had the waiter laughing. He ordered waffles with a banana split on top. It was all very good!

Gen?s boyfriend Adrian joined us after meeting up with clients and we drove to Paradise beach at Nuevo Vallarta, the all inclusive resort area near Puerto Vallarta but located in the state of Nayarit. It was a pretty beach with gentle waves, surrounded by the moutain range of the Sierra Madres. A sailing regatta was on and the view of the ocean was dotted with white sails. We grabbed a palapa for 150 pesos (we?re not in Puerto Escondido anymore). We spent the day in the sun and shade working on our tans. Kevin and I are still pretty white after being in Mexico for 2 weeks, we?ve constantly been on the go and hadn?t really spent any time being lazy on a beach.

During the day, we would occasionally have people stopping by our palapa and offering us bar-b-q shrimp or fish on a stick (so good!), coconut or pineapple drinks with chili powder (good but weird), clothing, hammocks, jewelry, sweets, etc. It was fun to see what they had and how much they cost.

At the end of the day, once we had gotten plenty of sun and water, we packed up and grabbed a bus back to the Marina. Adrian had left a little earlier in the day to start his 4 PM to midnight work shift. The bus was like a greyhound bus and cost 12 pesos each. What a bargain!

We got to see Gen?s apartment that she shares with her uncle and aunt. It is very beautiful and has a full view of the marina. Kevin was drooling again! We quickly showered and had supper at Victor?s, where every time you order a cervesa you get a free tequila shooter. Ouch, one shooter I was done, it?s all I can handle but Kevin was happy to get my extra shooter. I had shrimp quesadillas, Kevin had a cheese hamburger and Gen ordered the beef burrito. We spent a couple of hours eating, talking and watching the sunset.

At 10 PM, we took a taxi back to our hotel to sleep after a great day spent with a great friend.