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Day 14 - Travel to Puerto Vallarta

Written on: Friday March 31st, 2006

A journal entry from: Mexico 2006


We woke up early this morning for our 8 AM bus ride to Cancun airport. The bus system is great and for 80 pesos each, we got a direct bus to the airport from Playa del Carmen. A personal shuttle from the hotels is 40$ USD, what a ripoff.

At the airport we checked in quickly and got to our designated gate for take off. As we waited for boarding, we talked with a couple who stayed in Cancun near the hotel where Pres. Bush had stayed. Every time they left their hotel, they had to go through various levels of security checks. The closer they got to Bush?s hotel the heavier the military presence till they were surrounded by SWAT teams in full riot gear. When he arrived to the airport, they flew him by military helicopter to his hotel, and every highway the helicopter flew over was closed for 1 hour before the fly-by to ensure his safety. All of this for one person! I can?t imagine the cost of something like this, it?s nuts.

As we talked with the couple, I started watching the time, we were getting closer to our departure time with no sign of boarding. As you can guess, we boarded late, then waited for an extra half hour while they gassed the plane. We finally departed over 1 hour late for Mexico City. This was a big problem for Kevin and I since we only had 1 hour layover before our next flight left for Puerto Vallarta. As we landed in Mexico City, I sweat I saw our flight to Puerto Vallarta leave. We ran through the terminal to our next gate hoping it was somehow delayed. Alas, it wasn?t. We were directed to a service desk which booked us on the next flight to Puerto Vallarta scheduled for departure at 6:30 PM, so we had 5 hours to kill at the airport. We found a quiet little restaurant off the terminal and sat around eating lunch, drinking cervesas and watching futball (soccer) games on TV. Time flew by and next thing we knew we were on our next flight to Perto Vallarta.

We departed and arrived on time and our bags were some of the first to come off the conveyor belt. We walked out into the arrival departure and were greeted by our friend Gen and her boyfriend Adrian. It was nice to see her again, it had been almost 8 months since she had left Ottawa for Puerto Vallarta. She?s here for the next 4 years getting her bachelor degree in Network Engineering. They drove us to our hotel (El Pescador - 68 USD/night) and gave us a driving tour of the city. Like Puerto Escondido and Playa del Carmen it was a completely different mexican experience. Each place is unique to itself and represents a different view of Mexico and its many states. We checked in to our room, a huge room in the middle of the hotel (no view) with 3 beds, dropped off our bags and joined them for a walk along the malecon and boardwalk of Old Town and Zona Romantica. It was Saturday night, so everyone was out, families, tourists, springbreakers, artists, lovers, everyone and anyone. It was fantastic! We stopped a little oceanfront bar and spent the next couple of hours catching up over bottles of cervesas and tequila shooters.

At about 11 PM, we walked back to our hotel and crashed for the night.